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I want to replicate an application on 2 servers and use one as a primary server, and the other for fall back purposes. Both server will have Linux as their OS.

The idea is to have 3 NIC's on both the systems. Two of them will be used to connect both the systems to each other through crossover cables.

One NIC on each of them will connect to a switch which will also have a shared storage on it.

For example, SQL is running on both servers and its data will reside on shared storage. At any particular instant, only one server (SQL) will be comunicating with the shared storage. If this server is down for any reason, the SQL instance on the failover machine should start.

My idea was to assign the same IP address to both the servers (the one thats connected to the shared storage). At one instant, only one NIC will be enabled, the instant that NIC has stopped working (server is not working), the NIC on the second server should enable itself.

Is it possible to make a script that could monitor both the network interfaces on both the servers and enable and disable them upon specific policies?

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