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    Linux Server for Home Buisness


    by Anonymous ·

    Hi! I’m thinking of making a simple server for my home buisness. And I need some advice, I’ve already decided that I’m not gonna buy one of those giant buisness-type servers, because those can get really expensive. (or so I’ve heard)

    So I’ve decided to simply chain a bunch on computers together on an ethernet, a few for the email server, a few for the chat server, and the website server.

    And I’m going to use Ubuntu Server Edition. But, I need to know what kind of hardware I need. What kind of hard drives I need, RAM, drives, and other things similar to that.

    If you could post some advice, that would be greatly appreciated.


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      You can use your normal computer to act as a server if you so wish.

      by Anonymous ·

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      If you need to go further then you will be going against your own wording:
      “I’ve already decided that I’m not going to buy one of those giant business-type servers”.
      So just make do with Ubuntu Server Edition.
      You can add on bits of software when you need them. Some will not work or might give you errors because you will need a certain processor and memory (ECC Error correction code). But otherwise you should be ok.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Beyond “Simple” already!

      by 1bn0 ·

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      Why would you want an email server, web server or chat server for a simple home business.

      If the webserver is for outside user access get it hosted. Security would be my main reason.

      Email? Same thing. A home broadband account usualy get 5-10 mail addresses included. If you want a business domain name, again hosting service.

      Chat server? What for?

      Sounds like a lot of in house setup for a “simple” home business.

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      Maybe biting off morethan you can chew,,,

      by mgrahek ·

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      If you don’t know what hardware to buy, I think you may find linux over your head to start. I may be wrong, but there is a learning curve involved, ESPECIALLY with server edition.

      Get ready for command line HELL if you don’t know anything.

      Ubuntu runs on most hardware, especially Intel based mobo’s

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