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Linux shouldn't be Easy

By liberty technician ·
I hear alot about GNU/Linux not being easy and I use to agree with the sentiment. The motive has generally been that in order to reach a broader view of people it should be made easier to use for the general public. Now this sounds reasonable since most people don't want people to use Windows but I say, so what if they are. I remember when I first started using GNU/Linux (Mandrake 10.2). It was hard to even get the mouse working but I didn't give up. I learned and became smarter than I was before I learned how to edit configuration files using vi. Before that point I only had experience with Windows (Point n Click). I loved having to think and learn which empowered me to become better and use the brain we have been given since birth. Human beings want technology to be easy so they can be lazy but we should want technology that empowers us to do more and become more than what we are now. Most GNU/Linux distros were faster such as Mandrake 10.2 without all of the added (Let's make this easier for the user and pile on code to predict what the user will or won't do for them). Let Windows be easy for the people that want something easy (which it's really not). Let them pay for the very expensive license cost or Windows tax incurred from purchasing a new computer. I want GNU/Linux to be the BEST OS not another Windows (bloated, unreliable, slow, buggy with no way to learn and fix for yourself, etc.). I don't care if the rest of the world doesn't want to use GNU/Linux I have the Freedom to choose otherwise and I choose GNU/Linux!

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False assumption, penguinista.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Linux shouldn't be Easy

"Human beings want technology to be easy so they can be lazy..."

No, they want it to be easy because they have other things they want to do with their time besides learn an operating system. Do you know how to tear down an automobile engine? Retile your bathroom? Install stained glass windows? Probably not. Many people enjoy these activities just as much as you enjoy Linux. Not trying to learn those skills doesn't mean you're lazy, just that you prefer to spend your time doing something else (as they do).

If you don't like consumer-oriented 'easier' distributions, don't use them. Stick with rolling your own. Just because you like something doesn't mean your preferences are valid for all potential users. Choice is a key part of what open source is about, and that doesn't mean foisting YOUR choice on everyone else.

Tell me, would you say it was a good thing if Windows was harder to use? OS X? Why or why not? Use the back of the page if necessary.

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False assumptions..... Not

by liberty technician In reply to False assumption, penguin ...

Good points. I will just say that Linux can be whatever someone wants it to be but we shouldn't attempt to dumb it down in order for others to accept it (pssst, let them do that). They have Windows and OSX (my favorite closed source OS) to do those other things you eluded to. My point is that people need to stop trying to force THEIR wants and desires on us by telling us we have to make Linux easier for the general public. Also, in no way did I say or elude to anything that can be construed as me forcing my choice on others but I am responding to those that want the community to change in order to fit the choice of everyone else.

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Thank you

by liberty technician In reply to False assumption, penguin ...

By the way, Thanks for responding to my discussion post. I enjoy having my views heard and perfected by the opposing views of others. Hope you are having a great week!

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Ubuntu and Mint difficult? Oh my God what a joke.

by Matsi66 In reply to Linux shouldn't be Easy

After using 3 years now Linux distros like Ubuntu and Mint and over 2 years distros like Mandriva, SUSE, Fedora, PCLinux and Puppy it's amazing why many people are still claiming that Linux is difficult. They haven't propably even tried it. OK of course are good chance to bang your head on the wall by trying too early, too soon distros like Arch Linux etc...

Now what i have learnt since 2008 is that most poppular distros (Ubuntu and Mint) are easy to install, easy to use, easy to update. Much easier than any Windows OS. Actually you have to be real geek if you wanna solve problems with Windows. With Linux it's easier. Besides its Open Source and you can get help from Linux community. In some cases your old hardware could be your biggest problem. But my opinion is that e.g Ubuntu works on 95-98% of desktops and lapptops. There are more pc:s you can't install Windows than Ubuntu or Mint.

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