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    Linux sound problems.


    by bobbys ·

    I have a soundblaster 16 in a linux box. I ran sndconfig to set up the sound card. It comes up that it cant find the card. I manualy add it and it works fine plays the voice file then the midi. When I try to play a mp3 or use realaudio nothing plays. You can see that it is loading the sounds but nothing comes out of the speakers. Any idea?

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      Linux sound problems.

      by bill.helke ·

      In reply to Linux sound problems.

      Check to verify that you have the necessary sound plugins to handle the output from your MP3 or Real player and make sure that they are enabled in the software. For instance, if you are using XMMS and GNOME, I believe that the output plugin is NOT set by default to ESD, even though ESD is what is running on your system to handle the sound.

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