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    Linux sound server


    by er.ravigupta ·

    I am having RedHat Linux 8.0 on my P-III system with 128 MB ram. it was running very fine. But when i compiled my Kernel for some nfs support and some other thing i lost audio device support. so now whenever i try to start xmms or mpg123 for music it give error of no audio device. PLease tell me how can i solve my problem.

    I shall be very thankful to you
    its my first query to u

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      Reply To: Linux sound server

      by bigjadoo ·

      In reply to Linux sound server

      will need more info to suggest an exact solution:

      what soundcard do you use?

      Did u try sndconfig?
      if not log in as root and type ‘sndconfig’ and follow through the steps.

      Linux should have an automatic harware detection service (kudzu) you can type
      “service kudzu status” and see if it has run.

      It is a good idea to always run it at the start up.

      You can also try removing your sound card -> boot -> put back your sound card ->boot again to see if kudzu is working well

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      Reply To: Linux sound server

      by alokchauhan1 ·

      In reply to Linux sound server

      hi buddy, have u tried redhat-config-soundcard but make sure that it is detacting ur soung card after that ur sound card can b work. u can b able to detect it by starting the kudzu service by the command ” service kudzu start “. best of luck n enjoy

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