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    Linux Support Forum


    by breathing98 ·

    Does anyone know any good linux support forum? Thanks

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      better than a forum

      by apotheon ·

      In reply to Linux Support Forum

      Get on a LUG mailing list. It’s the best tech support network in the world. Granted, there’ll always be a list here and there that isn’t up to the usual high standard, but in general these lists are great. Just remember to be polite, informative where you can, and willing to try looking up information before going there to ask them. In fact, with the first time you go to a LUG mailing list with a question, you might want to start out by introducing yourself, explaining where you’ve already looked and what you found, and asking for advice on how to find more information, as well as asking for help with a solution to the problem directly.

      Possibly the most valuable information you can get from a LUG, and the sort of thing you’ll never get from some script-following schmuck in a telephone tech support job earning minimum wage, is help in figuring out how to find Linux-related information you need quickly and efficiently on your own. When that doesn’t pan out, there’s always the people on the LUG to ask for help. With the right attitude, you’ll even learn how to very quickly tell the difference between when to keep searching on your own and when to ask at the list. Plus, y’know, it’s free. That’s a pretty good price.

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        hmmmm, gotts disagree on one point.

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to better than a forum

        the lug for here ( vanlug ) isn’t free.
        paid membership required to be ably to access thier mail list. ( last time I checked at least )

        add two other locations to good support:

        the distro community forums for your distro.

        yahoo groups
        there are a couple of thousand linux groups on yahoo groups.
        from complete newbie to experienced users in focus.

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          holy crap

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to hmmmm, gotts disagree on one point.

          If you find yourself faced with a LUG that charges to use their mailing list, [b]just sign up on some other LUG’s list[/b]. Even though I’m in the area of Tampa, Florida, I’m on two LUG mailing lists in Orlando and one in Illinois at present, along with one more local to me. Email’s a wonderful thing: you do [b]not[/b] have to be local to the LUG whose mailing list you use.

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          by jaqui ·

          In reply to holy crap

          or the groups on yahoo, or the distro communities.

          there are lots of options.
          I’m a lug for the building I live in.
          well, ok, linux support person.
          but, since it was me that got them all using linux I guess it’s only reasonable to answer thier questions about it.

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          hmm . . .

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to yup

          You should actually form a LUG with these people. Seriously. Have meetings somewhere convenient. Register the LUG with list sites like the one I provided.

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          by jaqui ·

          In reply to hmm . . .

          maybe call it the wclug?
          wc= wet coast

          have to concider this idea.
          running any group is a bit of work.

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          by apotheon ·

          In reply to chuckle

          Yes, it is work. It’s probably worth it, though.

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      by ·

      In reply to Linux Support Forum

      Besides the LUG (quality may vary, by local on in Oxford, UK is v good, but the London one is not V good…), see if there’s one for the distro u are using.

      Also used to be quite good, but haven’t used it for a couple of years so YMMV.

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        by apotheon ·

        In reply to

        I tend to guess that the one in London wouldn’t actually be “not very good”. It’s probably just good at different things than you want. For instance, the one whose mailing list I’m on that is local to me is kind of slow compared to the other lists I use, but it’s good for Linux-related news and is one of the more well-behaved LUG lists I’ve encountered. One of the two in Orlando of which I’m a member has some of the best technical information I’ve ever seen on a mailing list, but it lacks in other areas (including Linux-related news). One in Illinois of which I’m a member doesn’t really shine in any one area (in comparison to other LUGs with which I’ve had dealings), but it is generally good across the board.

        Maybe the London list is just not as good at the things you in particular want out of a LUG. Then again, maybe you’re right: I haven’t tried out the London LUG for myself.

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