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    LINUX to Exchange migration.


    by ihabkl ·

    My client wants to migrate from his LINUX Email and Web Server to Exchange 2000 and ISA Server Firewall/Proxy. I have done BOTH parts, ISA and Exchange, but still did NOT public the Exchange through ISA for administrative reasons.

    Both Linux and Exchange are on the same LAN. My question is:
    How can I IMPORT MAILBOXES and USERS from the LINIX server directly into the Exchange Server?
    Importing users is not of that importance as much as importing messages and mailboxes!
    1: The Linux server is going to be removed from the LAN.
    2: I prefer not to alter the LINUX server
    3: Prefer to have detailed answer, maybe utilities and commands to use.
    4: Please contact


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      Reply To: LINUX to Exchange migration.

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to LINUX to Exchange migration.

      There is no direct way to migrate from a Linux-based email system, and/or import mailboxes to Exchange.

      In Exchange 2000, user mailboxes will be created based on user accounts in Active Directory.

      I’m assuming that you are using Outlook for your email client. If so, the easiest way to move email is to save all email to a individual Personal Folders files (.pst), and then once your clients make the move to Exchange, import the saved mail from the .pst file to individual Exchange mailboxes.

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