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    Linux to XP-am I crazy?


    by eddiewiggy ·

    As I mentioned in another question, I’m going to delete Linux from a computer I bought at auction. I’ll likely replace it with XP. Is this insane? I don’t have the password for Linux program and can’t get pass that part, so I’m guessing I’ll just have to erase or replace the hard drive and do a new install of XP? Should I try to figure out the Linux, or go ahead with the XP install? Any comments or ideas wiuld be appreciated. Thanks, Ed

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      Reply To: Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      just do an install of xp, removing all partitions from the hard drive in the process.

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      Reply To: Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      by nottheusual1 ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      Let the driving force be what you are going to be doing with the machine.

      If all the app’s you need can be found in a Linux flavor, then it becomes whether or not you want to do Linux or not. It isn’t emotional – it’s business.

      We’ve done 3 Linux desktops so far (out of 10 workstations) and use OpenOffice, FireFox, Nvu and a few more to create some really robust and inexpensive machines that never need to even know MS exists. Crazy is relative – if the machine can’t meet your needs in the present configuration then you know you can fix it.

      BTW – I’m not a win-anything fan, but until recently all of the software we needed wasn’t available. Now, though, there are open source projects for just about everything.

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      Reply To: Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      by choppit ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      The XP install will allow you to delete any unwanted partitions. Whether you should get rid of Linux is a personal/practical choice but you could choose to use both by using a dual boot setup.

      If you choose to do this I’d suggest wiping the linux partitions > XP install (partition to leave space for linux)> Linux install.

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      Reply To: Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      by lyon_bleu ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      Even if I wanted to run Linux on it I would still wipe the drive, if for
      no other reason than to find out what condition it is in



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      Reply To: Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      by craigmjackson ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      You’re also going to need to boot to a DOS bootable floppy or cdrom and type:
      fdisk /mbr

      to get rid of the Boot menu that linux flavors install. You might also need to run fdisk in linux just to get rid of the linux partitions. Sometimes windows can’t figure out what the linux partitions are and what to do with them, depending on how many you have and how they are ordered.

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      Reply To: Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      by bytesolutions ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      I think you were well answered by the other posts. I think the first thing you need to know is what is the purpose of you computer – if you want compatibility for all hardware and software packages out there XP may be the way to go.

      If you do need that, but prefer a system that can get most tasks accomplished with slightly different packages (OpenOffice versus MS Office etc), and more web surfing and/or security then the Linux is a viable option.

      I am not sure of the specs of your machine, but as you got it in an auction it may not be a very powerful machine, make sure that XP can run on it.

      My recommendations to run XP to a satisfactory degree is 256MB RAM (128 can work, but very slow), anywhere over a 500MHz processor, and around a 10GB HD. While the computing experience under XP would not be the best it can work (another choice to leave Linux – it is not as demanding), but it is a personal choice and what software you have available.

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      Reply To: Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      by arpboy ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      I’d suggest trying Linux. Since you have the “console,” it shouldn’t be difficult to get into the machine: when your loader comes up, add the word “single” to the linux load. This will bring you up as root in single-user mode. You can then use “passwd” to change your root password, giving you full access to the system. From there, you can restart the system and build a normal user ID.

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      by graham.jappe ·

      In reply to Linux to XP-am I crazy?

      You need to decide what you want of the system. Linux can perform all the tasks that MS Windows can, and much cheaper. You can use the likes of Mandriva Spring 2007 with very little knowledge of the command line.
      However, there can be compatibility issues with some hardware devices/drivers with certain distros of Linux.
      Also, if your system is low spec XP may craw, while a Linux distro may race along.
      If you want it only for office, powerpoint or the internet Linux could be your best option. Either way there’s no need for a hardrive replacement, just format and reload the one you choose. Or better still load both so that you can learn the basics of Linux while using XP.

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