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Linux too good to land on Dell machines

By jose.a.nunez ·
Dell has reiteratively announced Linux-based products over years without coming to any serious model out.

I think there is a powerful reason over that: Linux is free.

Buying a good Dell computer with Linux means it wont have Windows, so if somebody wants later to go to Windows, it would be way more expensive to buy non-oem licenses for it.

Counter wise, if you buy a good Dell computer with Windows, you get a "good price deal" for the OS, and if some day you want to migrate to Linux... it is free.

Of course, there are other reasons... other heavier reasons, I still don't understand... Maybe a MS anti-competence policy that ties Dell?

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buy the vista model and put linux on it.

by robert.legault In reply to Linux too good to land on ...

My initial order to Dell was for the model offered with Ubuntu insiprion 1525N.
I later canceled that order and ordered the
inspirion 1525.
The vista model had a better processor, more memory, bigger hard drive and a dvd writer
for $150 less for the same components on the UBUNTU model 1525N.
I attempted a few times to get an explanation of why the model with the free O/S(Ubuntu 1525N) would cost more than the same model but with a O/S that was not
(Vista 1525). I got the 1525 and put UBUNTU 8.04 on it. It works well. I tried it for about an 1hr with Vista before wiping it just to confirm that Vista is not very good (putting it in polite terms). I have been using Linux since 1996.
Linux distro's are getting better and better.
Ubuntu is really good. Debian Rocks:)

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