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Linux Training

By souter94 ·
Is there Linux training out there? I see many courses that are web based but I am looking for an instructor led hands-on course. Does anyone know if such courses exist?

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*shudder* New Horizions

by jmgarvin In reply to Linux Training

They have course you can attend, but I'd highly suggest NOT attending.

Your best bet is to find your local friendly Linux guru (like me) and ask them for help.

A good place to start learning Linux is getting Linux for Dummines, installing Fedora Core 3, Gentoo, Gnoppix, or Ubuntu and trying it our for yourself.

What do you need to know and what kind of training do you need?

There are also synchronous video streaming course that you could take. They are instructor lead courses that are just remote. Most people use tools like Breeze or Green Branch.

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Kind of Training

by souter94 In reply to *shudder* New Horizions

Looking for intermediate to advanced training on any find of Linux OS. Learning the beginning aspects right now. Also want to get into security, apache, php and ldap for Linux.
I have heard of Fedora but not familiar with the others.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Kind of Training

There is a TON of documentation on Apache and PHP. LDAP is pretty hard to setup and get the security right out of the gate. You will need to play around with that.

Security is a pretty big issue, but there are tons of sites on IPtables (how firewalls are made in Linux) and secure techniques for a linux box (like not running X on a server).

Your local community college might have a Linux course or two. You can also get Red Hat Certified and Linux Certified...that is a sure fire way to learn!

Does that help?

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by rhino777 In reply to Kind of Training

Grab O'Reilly's OpenLDAP for learning ldap. Nice and concise and not as confusing as some of the stuff on the web.

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Whats wrong with NH

by rkah In reply to *shudder* New Horizions

Besides the fact that most instructors are Instructors, not someone with HARD EXPERIENCE.They call all the DAMN TIME, and will tell you just about anything to get you in they're FREE CLASS, on say WORD or how can you really assess how good a Tech class is is if you cant even sit in the class for a couple of hours and "feel" out the instructor with questions.
I was once one of those poor SOBs that called, IM SORRY TO ALL OF YOU IN KC.Dont know why I did it, but I got one heck of a background on where NOT to get tech training.

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by jck In reply to Linux Training

are several places who offer Linux, such as New Horizons, plus there are places that offer courses even tho they do not advertise them (i.e.- if you have 3-10 people you want trained, they'll see about getting you a class).

just do a google on "linux training hands-on instructor" and you should get a dozen hits within the first 25.

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New Horizons = Waste of Time

by jmgarvin In reply to there

The problem with NH, is that they aren't that great and they change an arm and a leg. They are great for beginners, but getting Linux+ or RH Certs via the web training are going to give you FAR more info than NH.

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Lot's to Learn out there

by itwildcat In reply to Linux Training

Most colleges are beginning to offer linux courses, I work at one, but from what I noticed the majority of them are basic or introductory classes. Anything that you'll learn in an intro class you could learn online...You'd do better to start signing up to as many Linux news groups as possible and exerimenting with distributions like knoppix at first, that's what I have done and have been using it for over 8 months now (I found knoppix addictive:), it's a great way to learn just how much you can do with linux. There are also plenty of other good intro sites too like this one:
There are also books available at books stores like barnes and noble... etc....
Have fun and don't give up!

See you on the other side!....

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Some things cannot be taught by a teacher

by ashembers In reply to Linux Training

I was looking for the same thing a few months ago, and came up with a big fat nothing that was local or financially feasible. Since then I found the LPI (Linux Professional Institiute) training on, which costs nothing but a free registration. I really like it too - easy to read & information given to you in little pieces so you don't choke on a flood of morsels. I highly recommend that you go to and run a search on "lpi"; you should find ample course materials for four exams, taking you up to up to the level of intermediate administrator (101 & 102 are junior level, and 201 & 202 are intermediate).

After going through most of the junior-level material, I find that I have to memorize and practice a lot, but am confident that this is making me a better admin, as well as help me pass those tests.

Best of luck to you!!!

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check out Novell

by antuck In reply to Linux Training

Check Novell's web site they have Suse and generally have classes avalible. Watch the web site and sign up for there news letter. I got the technical resource kit which included Suse 9 and enterprise server for free. I haven't tried there classes though but I know they offer them.

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