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Linux uninstall

By mfaisal_i ·
well, my first question is that, how do i uninstall linux 9 without teasing my winxp and win2000pro.

and second one is senario:
i had install linux 9 at my win98 and winnt pc, but one day from winnt i delete the partitions of linux 9, now the linux boot loader says reinstall linux and denies me to go further to win98 and winnt... now what should i do...

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by johnj In reply to Linux uninstall

By far the easiest solution to problem one is to obtain a copy of Partition Magic. With PM, you could delete the Linux partition and expand the Windows partition to occupy the now vacant space. I would backup any important files on the Windows side first, however.
My answer to question 2 also relates to question 1. When you install Linux 9 (are you using Red Hat?), it creates a tiny program called GRUB on your hard drive. When you start your PC, the hard drive looks at the bootsector of the disk to see which partition and OS to boot into. GRUB diverts that operation to give the user a choice of a Windows or Linux partition. GRUB depends on a config file on the Linux partition -- if you erase the Linux partition, GRUB now has no instructions and halts the system.You will need to prepare for this for question 1.
As for question 2, I believe the best solution would be to pop in your Win2K install CD and let it repair Win2K. It should in the process reinstall the Win2K boot loader, restoring access to both 2000 and 98. You could gain access to the Win98 partition by booting from a Win98 floppy. Win98 cannot read NTFS formatted partitions, so the 2000 side would be unreachable this way.

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by mfaisal_i In reply to

i know that way of repairing win2k, but i want other ways...
and yes i have red hat linux 9.

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by support In reply to Linux uninstall

sounds like linux took over as the boot loader (lilo or grub) and installed itself to the master boot record.

Boot to a windows 98 floppy and run

fdisk /mbr

reboot into windows.

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by peeyush_maurya In reply to Linux uninstall

agrees with support but dont do it with win98 bootable disk. it will destroy both installation.

straight from microsoft
- Boot from windows installation disk, During Setup you are asked if you want to set up Windows 2000, repair a Windows 2000 installation, or quit Setup. When you select the Repair option by pressing R, the following information is displayed on your screen: PRESS R: the select ur partition and enter ur password

fixboot :: Writes a new boot sector onto the system partition.

fixboot [drive:]

drive: Specifies the drive to which a boot sector will be written, overriding the default choice of the
system boot partition.

fixmbr :: Repairs the master boot code of the boot partition.
fixmbr [device-name] ::device-name Optional name that specifies the device that needs a new MBR. If this is left blank then
the boot device is used.

If fixmbr detects an invalid or nonstandard partition table signature, it prompts you before rewriting the MBR.


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