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Linux VERSUS Windows

By Tekillaah ·
Hi! I know this has been one of the most discussed topics in OS debates.. I just wanna hear your opinions on this one. I used Windows 2000 Server and Linux Mandrake 10 .... When do u think will LINUX have a full software on software developers..since the current market is a Microsoft Territory.. I like LINUX... I like windows because.. most spftwares i used run on them .... hehehe

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by Choppit In reply to Linux VERSUS Windows

Sorry, I can't answer as I don't understand the question.

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Ditto....................pass the tequilla please.

by dafe2 In reply to Answer
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by Jaqui In reply to Linux VERSUS Windows

since linux has far more programming toold for it that windows.
more library options, more widget sets,
more of everything related to programming, your comment on a lack of full software on software development tools is inaccurate.

if you are talking about support from major commercial software companies, such as adobe, macromedia and autodesck, that is not going to happen until they see at least 10% of the market using linux desktops.

( also until they understand that the gnu-gpl won't make them go open source by running on linux )

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OEM and customer backing

by acracker In reply to hmmm...

It would be very hard for Linux to overtake the dominance of the Operating System market that Microsoft currently controls.

#1. Most OEM's don't pre-load Linux onto their PC's before they are shipped. Almost all OEM''s (and all the major one Dell, Gateway, ect...) install Windows by default onto their computers. Why?

#2. Because that is all the customers are familiar with. By pushing almost every other operating system out of the market, Microsoft has made their Windows systems dominant. As a result, there is only one operating system the average user has to know.

#3. Because Windows is the dominant operating system, it is more advantageous for professional software-developers to build software that runs on Windows. Not only are there more systems that run Windows, but more importantly there are more people who know how to use it.

For Linux to gain a more dominant share in the Operating System market, there has to be something about it that makes it a necessity to have. Sure Linux can do many things better than Windows, but most people are just so much more familiar with Windows that they don't mind using an "inferior" Operating System. When any company's product gains a large share of a market, it becomes increasingly harder to take it away from them.

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