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By Norehca ·
im willing to give Linux ONE more shot. if it works out i may switch but not anytime soon. i really want to use it as a learning tool but i have on problem. Ubuntu and other distros have a hard time with my video card and movement of windows etc. is laggy. but whenever i install the video drivers provided by ATI i get a blue screen at startup saying that X couldn't start and i need to reconfigure my video settings or something. im not installing Linux until i know how to successfully install video card drivers. should i try the omega drivers? are they better? please help me, it'd be very much appreciated.

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by ddmcp2000 In reply to linux video driver help

I'm in the same boat, and I do mean EXACTLY the same boat. I can get the drivers to sorta kinda halfway load, they do 2D accelleration for the desktop, and I can access the ATi control panel, but 3D always fails. I have started to Ghost my installs, so when I puke something, (a far too regular occurence) I can just dump it back, without having to go through the whole LiveCD load, and re-partitioning/re-installing BS again and again... Luckily, as an IT guy, I have plenty of computers to mess with. Five in my office presently!

You, BTW, are the second person I've heard mention "Omega" drivers. What are those, and where might I locate them?

So far, though, I have found to be pretty helpful. I got further with the advice recieved there, than I have gotten anywhere else. I have also heard that the next flavor of ATi (proprietary) driver for Linux is SUPPOSED to offer FAR better 3D support than previous versions. This, too, is what I am hoping for. As of last week, (about 10-7-07), I was told the new driver release was only about a month out, (presently 8.40.4) so I'm just keeping a windows box for my games, but everything else is Ubuntu. As an additional note, use the supported versions, I'm on 6.06LTS, and love it (save the 3D issue). This one has been the best supported of late, and I've tried all of the other versions as well! (My Winblows box is FULL of Linux distros of various releases from different manufacturers... )

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