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    Linux Web and Email server


    by jlivingston ·

    I have been using mainly Microsoft products, including IIS and Exchange 5.5 and 2000. I would like suggestions on what Linux product I could use in order to set up a web server at home and an email server at home. Expanding my horizons, you know?Thanks for any input you guys might have.


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      Linux Web and Email server

      by aaron v ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      Most Linux and *BSD distributions come with Apache. Apache is a free webserver with all (or almost all) the goodies of a commerical webserver. I have used Apache on Solaris, FreeBSD, HPUX, and NT. It has worked extremely well, and regardless of marketing hype, is the most used server on the ‘net.

      Sendmail (which also powers the ‘net) is also included. This does take some configuration (especially since you do not want to be a re-mailer for spam). Again, most Linux and *BSD distributionsalso come with additional tools and mail clients.

      I would recommend picking up a Linux reference book, I have these two, plus lots of how-to’s:
      Running Linux (O’Reilly)
      Linux in a Nutshell (O’Reilly), should have all the how-to’s on, yep, how to set it up.

      Have Fun!

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      Linux Web and Email server

      by victor_f ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      I would recommend the RedHat’s distribution of Linux, it’s fast, reliable, widely supported and it has an edge in it’s RPM package manager which will make your life easier when it comes to installing/upgrading software.
      HTTP Server, Apache is the one.
      For the Mail server part, if you’re willing to learn the gritty details of Qmail, it’s my No.1 choice why? it’s very secure, and fast. have in mind Redhat linux comes bundeled with the gnu version of sendmail, which is popular and works but, people seem to be able to break into it all the time.

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      Linux Web and Email server

      by mightyduk ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      just reinforcing the recommendation of Apache, you’ll love it, red hat is probably your best bet, but not much different otherwise.

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      Linux Web and Email server

      by hugevlad ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      Hi Jason,
      I suggest use Apache web-server ( But if you plan only “local use” of your web-server, try something more lightweight, like boa (small and tiny web-server, but without features).
      Most known program for mailserver – sendmail. But it has relatively difficult config and some problem with security. You can also use “alternatives” like smail, exim, qmail etc.
      Look throu your Linux distribution (this is RedHat, isn`t it ? 🙂 for those packets. I think, you have in your distribution enough variants to build web and mail server. Also see “documentation” section. You can find there some “HOWTO” files with step-by-step explanation various aspects.

      With best regards,

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      Linux Web and Email server

      by chris penn, cuol ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      Does this question include hardware? If you want practice on some incredible servers, check out the Cobalt RaQ, which uses the Linux OS, and also visit Penguin Computing for some cheap 1U servers. (relatively speaking)

      But the standard in software is Apache and Sendmail. Get a copy of Linux from and download it. Better yet, grab the ISO image and burn your own CD. Red Hat Linux makes a fine and relatively easy install. Also check out Slackware’s Linux distribution. Both are relatively easy to set up.

      I’m on the same path as you – with Microsoft’s new licensing fees for Win 2000, Linux looks poised to take out the low and mid range server market. For variety, you can also download a BSD Unix distribution for free. I like FreeBSD, at It’s Linux’s older brother.

      Christopher S. Penn
      CIO, CASCAP, Inc.


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      Linux Web and Email server

      by beejcyr ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      I agree with the others in RedHat being the better choice in a Linux distribution. The prebundled Apache server makes for very little work on your part setting up and it is relativly easy to download newer versions of Apache from as well as add on modules to provide features like SSL (Seecure webpages). On the email end of things, Sendmail, which is also bundled with most Linux distributions is a wonderful, feature rich, and easy to use email server. I should say easy to use ifthe defaults are fine. Modifying the file can be quite difficult; however, the defaults work in most situations. The layouts for both Apache and Sendmail are very well documented and you should have no trouble finding multiple books onboth subjects.
      To the best of my knowledge, about the only major things that Apache doesn’t support that MSIIS does, is ASP and VB CGI scripts. Consider this your chance to learn Perl. Its a great language. 🙂

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      Linux Web and Email server

      by millenium ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      Redhat all the way. I too, like you were using NT and IIS, found it didnt quite perform as well as it was suppose to. I installed RedHat just to see what it could do, WOW, now i run FTP, TELNET and WEB all from one machine, not to hard to figure out. If ya need help email me private and ill send ya my settings. Oh yeah , i liked it so much, i set up a Firewall where i work too, with linux and ipchains. Two thumbs up from me 🙂

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      Linux Web and Email server

      by sukrith ·

      In reply to Linux Web and Email server

      Hope by this time you might have been received so may replys for your question.
      o.k My suggession is that RedHat Linux6.1/6.2
      because it has got both webserver and pop3/email server(sendamil)for can download it from any of the linux websites or you will get with some of the famous magazines.Regarding cofnfiguration , hope one can do if he can able to type some commands and use vi editor or some other.If you want to have webbased interface for your mail server, YES you can get it freeand ie NEOMAIL.It works well and with out any problem and with the simple configuration.If you want you customize the look even.It has got address book and color options etc.
      So why can’t you try out these options?GIve a try and see.

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