Linux: What is the Simplest Book For Starting Out with Linux? Best of Best

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Linux: What is the Simplest Book For Starting Out with Linux? Best of Best
I have grown up with windows 25 years, Migrating is hard when I have to study, work, volunteer, and time runs out during the day... already today I have done a 15 hour day.

Please if anyone can recommend smallest simplest book for starting out with Linux probably ubuntu or mint
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What is the Simplest Book For Starting Out with Linux? Best of Best

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Thanks for Asking,

I will tell you how I learned linux. when I first installed linux I was using it using the GUI and never used the command line after some day I realised that i am am exploring it and then started learning about linux commands. I started learning linux commands using google . You can google for list of linux commands and then go through the man pages of it. Now you must be wandering what are man pages. they are basically manuals about the command.

Let me give you an example. we have a command ls . now if I want to know how to use it I will open a terminal and then print “man ls” this will show you all the ways you can use ls command.

Some of the commands that I find very useful on linux are

The list is very long but I am only listing some of them. grep is a linux command which is used for pattern matching. you find a lot of tutorials on it. sed and awk are also very useful text modifiers.

let me give you a simple example. so you have a file and you want to change all the negative numbers eg. -12.34 to (12.34) you do it using a simple sed command.instead of opening the file and going through every thing.

Till date whatever I have learnt is either through google or by asking someone. I have never used any book.

But if you want to get some books, then I would suggest you to take a look at “linux bible - Christopher Negus”. I find this book really helpful for begineers, I recently saw it at a book expo. Some of the best thing about this books are.

The whole book is divided into modules. and you go morules by module.
There are a lot of examples to understand waht the command does. more over they have also provided the output of the example command.
At the end of every module you will see a exercise with some problem statement.

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Thanks & Regards,

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