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Linux will it be a real threat to Micros

By Bryan Lee ·
I am curious to know the development situation in other country. In my contry Linux seems will be a real threat to Microsoft. Most of the corporate starting to migrate to Linux instead of MS.
When Linux take over the MS as dominated server os, will it be a threat to ppl who are specialised on MS prodect like MCSE? What you think?

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From the US

by Prefbid II In reply to Linux will it be a real t ...

I'm with you. I think Linux is doing a great job of knocking MS off the server market. However, it is doing a much better job of knocking SCO Unix and other small platform Unixs from the market. MS was not that big a player in the server market to begin with. So far, though, it looks like MS is holding it's own on market share. I expect that to change in the coming months and years, but not drastically. It will take time.

Contributions to the current change are based mainly on MS XP price and pricing structure. If MS does nothing, MS will not continue to grow in the server market.

The biggest hinderence currently for Linux in the server farm is Linux on the desktop. Having a great server tool is hampered by having a lame desktop. I have only used KDE and it has a lot of growing up to do. Currently I prefer to telnet into Linux and work from the command line rather than trying to fight with KDE.

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Linux vs Microsoft

by ACrimsonS In reply to Linux will it be a real t ...

I did a proposal up to the management having the cost comparison between linux OS vs Microsoft OS for servers and workstations. The cost saving is a huge figure for the company. Now due to the economy down turn, most companies are having a tight budget control. With Microsoft new pricing, linux is the cheap alternative solution.

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