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linux will never compete with windows in the home market

By bobgroz ·
linux is a business OS period. It is unix based and requires a lot of knowledge. The average person cannot handle it's quirk's.

Something is always wrong. Especially if you have current hardware. I doubt very much Ubuntu or any linux distro will support the ATI 5870 or 5890. You won't even get a screen. The display code will **** up, and personally I don't have the hours to spend trying to get current hardware working with linux.

Windows 7, while being more expensive, is LIGHTYEARS ahead of any linux distro for the HOME user.

Keep linux where it belongs, in the business segment. It will never achieve home desktop success. never.

sorry folks, that's just the way it is.

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Linux is an experimenter's OS

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to linux will never compete ...

Ubuntu is an experiment at an appliance user's OS.

The rest of your argument is rubbish, for one simple reason. Go to your loacl highstreet dealer, try and buy a box with Ubuntu installed....

Can't can you?
Why is that do you think? If you want to know why Ubuntu isn't seriously competing in the home appliance market, follow the money...

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I guarantee you Ubuntu will NOT have drivers for my video card

by bobgroz In reply to Linux is an experimenter' ...

YOU prove to ME that UBUNtU supports a Raedon 5790.

Can't do it, can you? I can't even get a desktop, for crying out loud. Linux is business only - and for hardware that is at least 1 year old if not older. Sorry, Tony, you're just plain wrong......

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AMD's fault, not Ubuntu

by Slayer_ In reply to I guarantee you Ubuntu wi ...

Ubuntu supports a GTX295 no problem because nVidia makes drivers for Linux.

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i don't care whose fault it is, i can't use ubuntu or any other linux

by bobgroz In reply to AMD's fault, not Ubuntu

i don't care about fault. all i know is linux isn't cutting it. you guys always blame somebody else. write your own drivers if the manufacturer won't. sorry, as a home user i need a computer display, and i don't give a crap whose fault it is. windows works, linux doesn't. therefore i use windows. i am not alone in this thinking. you linux heads just can't see the sun through the clouds. do you really think mr. and mrs. america cares whose fault it is because their desktop won't come up? NO! They will just buy the product that works. This is why linux will NEVER, and I repeat NEVER get into the home.

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You people?

by Slayer_ In reply to i don't care whose fault ...

I dislike Linux, who you calling "You People"?

There are drivers for it, just install them, same way you do Windows. Linux will use base drivers so you can see what your doing, just like Windows. Then you must browse to the website manually and download and install the drivers OR just click the distros detect hardware, which seems to, pretty commonly, find the driver for you, give you options as to which version, download, and install it.

Even wireless drivers seem to work good, I tried it, I had a wireless USB, it had both windows and linux drivers, I used the wrapper program to use the windows drivers, worked perfect, used the Linux drivers, worked perfect.

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Who do you think wrote the windows driver ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I guarantee you Ubuntu wi ...


Hello, anybody in?

Now I'd be the first to agree that it doesn't matter to ma and pa browser who hasn't done what, but for those that would like to unf*ck the situation, appreciating the various motivations, is job 1.

I don't give a crap what drivers Ubuntu has, it's security model is f'ed out of the box, so I won't use it. If that's a requirement I'll stick with winders and get the driver....

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good post tony

by bobgroz In reply to Who do you think wrote th ...

see my post above about the situation. nobody cares whose fault it is their hardware doesn't work. people will buy what works..... PERIOD. And that is NOT linux in the home.

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Why not just buy hardware that works with linux?

by Slayer_ In reply to good post tony

You currently buy hardware that works for Windows, why not get hardware that works for Linux.

To sum that up, avoid ATI, avoid anything software controlled (winmodem..... *shivers*).

If you get yourself proper hardware, you will be fine.

****, even laptop wireless works now, they got this terribly named program that allows you to use windows drivers on Linux for those really really cheaply made laptops.

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I've got a working installation of linux at home

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to good post tony

A couple of distros didn't work for me, but SimplyMepis went on like a charm. You keep saying Linux, but you mean distro. Go to distro watch, look at the popular ones and you'll find one that will meet the hardware needs except for the oldest and newest kit.

If you want plug in and go, windows is your best choice, it isn't mine or a lot of others. It's another choice, take it or leave it.

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Tony, I disagree about the line 'plug in and go' that only

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I've got a working instal ...

applies to hardware that's designed, from scratch, to work with that specific version of Windows. Change the version of Windows and that doesn't happen. Get an item that's plug in and go for Win 7 and then see how well it works with XP - usually it doesn't, and ditto with the reverse. That's why the little boxes now have the Windows version on the side, just under the Windows Compatible sticker.

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