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Linux wireless network software: opinion piece from the guy that does it

By stress junkie ·
Here is a "state of the wireless network software on Linux" announcement from Jeff Garzik. He is reportedly the maintainer of the Linux wireless network code. In a nutshell he admits that wireless network software for Linux really stinks. Here is a link to that story.

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Replies to article are interesting

by gralfus In reply to Linux wireless network so ...

Some of the replies indicate that the situation isn't really dismal, since there are quite a few solutions that seem to work well. But it is true that one should research a brand before buying to make sure others have tried it first. Of course, I've run into that with Windows and NICs also. I've bought a certain brand of cheapo NICs that had trouble with anything beyond Win98 (bad drivers). The adverts neglected to mention that, and I hadn't gone into the forums to research it first.

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I learned that lesson early in my Linux journey

by stress junkie In reply to Replies to article are in ...

Years ago when I first started with Linux I made a few purchases that I quickly regreted. Research was much more difficult back then. Basically there were just the NNTP news groups, and we were glad to have them. Now a quick Google search yields a hundred relevant sources.

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enhancement of WEP

by kadambari.narotra In reply to Linux wireless network so ...

i am a computer science final year project deals with enhancement of WEP and we suggested a solution for it. but our solution had some faults. i would like to know in which language do we actually code our suggested solution? and what all softwares are required? please help...!

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