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    Linux & XP w/ Pointsec


    by willie_g ·

    Have a Compaq w/XP. It’s a work machine so it’s encrypted w/ Pointsec. Trying to set up Xandros on a second internal IDE drive, but install does not see XP/Pointsec disk. Is there some other boot loader I could install that would see the XP/Poitsec disk

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      pointsec boot

      by msals1 ·

      In reply to Linux & XP w/ Pointsec

      i have been working with pointsec for awhile and i am pretty sure there is no easy way to boot around the pointsec authentication and have the pointsec encrypted volumes in a readable format

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        Pointsec Boot

        by jpeluso ·

        In reply to pointsec boot

        Isn’t there a way to load the Driver for pointsec on a boot disk like BartPE?

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          Bart PE and Pointsec

          by dan ·

          In reply to Pointsec Boot

          Yes there is a way to load the Pointsec Driver information on a Bart PE Disk. it is in their resource kit. If you contact Pointsec/Checkpoint they will tell you it is unsupported. But if you have your account in good order with them you can get the newest version of Pointsec PC and get the bartpe plugins

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          by coolsu13 ·

          In reply to Bart PE and Pointsec

          I have a dell laptop and pointsec is installed in it. While switching on the power i m getting a black screen with virus alert 13 message and even my pointsec window is also not coming, only i m able to go to the BIOS mode .Pls help how can i recover my data from laptop.

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