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By ricky.broomfield ·
Hi Everybody,

just wondering what everybodys opinion is on Ubuntu and where you feel it would be most it a desktop PC at home? or if it has some relevance in the Business/network side of things..

if you feel its too simple and the emphasis is on making it easier for the user; which version of Linux do you think is more suited to a business environment?

looking forward to some feedback on this guys,

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This is a very dangerous question.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Linux


You'll get a lot of different opinions. :0

Personally I think that Ubuntu is too Windowish and lacks the necessary Security that should be inbuilt into Linux. I don't like it that much but as yet I have not looked at the newest offering that was supposed to be available yesterday. I just have a bit to much work and as the Wife enjoys eating it seems that I must do that first before I can play.

For most Domestic Users it may be OK to use at Home as a Desktop but it really depends on what the individual wants to do and if they can be weaned away from their dependence on M$ Windows and associated Software written to only run on Windows.

That in itself is the biggest problem with the acceptance of Linux peoples perceived need to run Windows Programs as they are the only ones which will do the job.

As for Business Systems I like SUSE and Mandriva both seem to work really well with SUSE being more scalable probably. Buy again it all depends on what is required.

I have one customer who exclusively uses SUSE on their larger Blades to do animation or CGI work for Movies. It's really good for that and is the only platform that is suitable at the moment.


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I'm with HAL

by CharlieSpencer In reply to This is a very dangerous ...

as regards the danger.

Use TR's search feature to look for Ubuntu articles, and sort by date. There are several recent ones because of the new release. My impressions based on what I've read are:

Home - go for it, especially if you aren't a gamer.

Work - if you're dealing with a new office or a small established one, go for it. If you're dealing with a large Microsoft shop, you may be looking at more work than it's worth.

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yeah, conversion could be a big issue - howver, if faced with

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I'm with HAL

a total conversion to say SimplyMepis Linux or Win 7, hmm, then again, it may not be so big an issue.

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I agree...

by ---TK--- In reply to I'm with HAL

For home use, have at it... but knowing how unstable it can be, especially if you don't really know what your doing. Its best to have a backup pc, that has your OS of choice.

LOL, don't get me wrong here I use Ubuntu 9.04 on a regular basis I host all my home services on it... as far as stability, its only as good as the user :).

In the work place: If I was a systems admin on a small scale, I would give people the choice and leave it at that. Would I use Ubuntu at the workplace if I could? Yes, only b/c I have been using it for the past 5-6 years and know how to rebuild the OS from the single user mode.

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I don't like the Gnome or KDE 4 desktop, so I use

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Linux

SimplyMepis Linux, version 8 at the moment, as it uses the KDE 3.5 desktop. It has the classic Windows feel to it, and I've set it up on systems where people thought it was Windows as I turned off the splash screen. I've had many people use it without any trouble, most being older people who are very hard to retrain.

For a business or enterprise set up, I'd go with SimplyMepis 8, Open Office, Firefox, and keep the rest of the gear down to only what's needed in the office.

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