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    List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community


    by garion11 ·

    Greetings all,

    This is an interesting and a personal question and I was hoping to receive any kind of input from the diverse community at Tech Republic.

    There is a positive message I came across during my web surfing that went along the lines of “there is nothing better than accomplishment” and I completely agreed with that statement (in some ways it is better than studying 24/7). I am 26 and am currently attending college with a projected graduation date of fall of 2005. So at this point in my life and for the future I ask the TR community to provide a list of things I can accomplish (start to finish, end to end:)) in the next 5 years. Don’t think that any accomplisment is too small or too big to list, please list your own accomplisments in career and life, accomplisments you are pursuing, and your opinions, suggestions, and advice. Any input is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time and effort in replying to this thread and I look forward to hearing from all of you.


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      Personal goals

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      No one can and should set these for you.

      I’m going to suggest that there are career goals and personal goals and there is overlap between the two.

      I was once asked in an interview what my greatest accomplishment was, and I said being a father to three great kids. It didn’t help me get the job, in fact it may have killed my chances, but I’d stand by it.

      Being happy is an accomplishment, and believe me , you have to work at it to be successful like anything else. That would including developing good relationships with your friends, family and loved ones. I recommend the book “First things first” as a good book on how to approach your life – you have to schedule time for building relationships, as much as you schedule time for working and school.

      There are far too many things to mention in the business/career side. Just make sure you have balance in your life.


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      To start off..

      by trockii ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      I am only 25 and one of my goals is to get a degree. I am employed full time and have minimal time to go to classes, but am working towards it. You already have that accomplishment. And like the guy before me, goals a personal. Individuals set them and attain them. If I tell you a goal you should have is to climb Mt. Everest, are you gonna get any fulfillment out of this? Probably not. YOU are the only one that can set goals for yourself.

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      Like the other postings here I agree you will have to set

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      These projected accomplishments for yourself as it is only you who can do this as you know what is important to you.

      But if there was a single thing that I could say above all else it would “Be Happy in Everything That You Do!”

      If you can get this right everything will just fall into place and there is one lesson that you will always need to remember and unfortunately it isn’t taught in Colleges Uni’s or whatever I’ll quote Uncle Albert here “No Student Should Ever Be Allowed To Leave College Without Knowing Just How Little They Really Know!”

      What he was trying to say is that that piece of paper which you have worked so hard for only entitles you to then go out and start learning your chosen profession if you can accept this you will never go wrong.


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      DUDE !

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      Where you been? Probably ‘studying’ eeew, or some other ridiculous chore.

      Anyhow, I hate to be a broken record but I agree, you cannot seek someone else’s goals or even begin to build your own goals based on the accomplishments or needs of others. That’s SUCH a personal thing it isn’t funny.

      One of the biggest goals ANYONE can achieve is self improvement. Say perhaps you have a tendency to quit on your goals, this is something YOU can work at that will be a HUGE accomplishment, but not something you will get form other people, it’s an inward realization.

      All in all, I think you have taken the biggest and most important step of all, you are seeking goals to reach. Just look inwardly though, I have had some goals from a LOOOOONG time ago that I have put off and put off that I now have the time to address and the realization of the dream is so rewarding.

      It is said that success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream. Don’t look to others to find your dreams, look inward.

      Best of luck!

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      Absolutely agree

      by hereinoz ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      I agree with everything that has gone before.

      So many of us get all goal oriented and we keep shooting for the next qualification or the next pay rise or some such other “measure” of our worth.

      I sometimes feel that the greatest goal in life is to wake up in the morning and look forward to what is going to happen through the day. There aren’t many who have achieved this on a regular basis, but if you can get this one right, all the rest will take care of themselves.

      I tend to look to more personal goals rather than business goals. The new Ferrari, or the latest MCSE qualification doesn’t make you happy for the rest of your life, but a great attitude to life can work wonders.

      Don’t ask so much what you want to be when you set your goals, more, ask how you want to think and feel.

      Sorry for appearing to be a little “touchy, feely” on this, but after you have been through all the goal oriented seminars and workshops that one encounters in 30 years, it gets you like that.



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        I need a hug now

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Absolutely agree

        One of those big cuddly hugs! 😀
        Better still, I am going to go and hug a tree, I am in Canada after all and we have lots of trees around here!

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          As many as you like, Oz

          by hereinoz ·

          In reply to I need a hug now

          I will send as many trans-Pacific hugs as you like, Oz, although if they have to go via Los Angeles, they will probably be checked for terrorist activities at the airport and defused!!!

          Catch you later,


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      Some thoughts

      by av . ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      I think accomplishment is a well-earned reward for being focused and following through on things. It is certainly what you should try to achieve in whatever you do; whether its cleaning the house, raising a family or starting your own company.

      I can tell you what I did when I was in your situation. I studied fine arts in school and had every intention of being an artist, but there were few opportunities that appealed to me or were even offered. After a period of many varied temporary jobs, I found computers, or rather, it found me. 20 years later (and after more school and lots of pain), I am a network manager. You never know in life.

      I can’t tell you what to do either. Thats for you to figure out, but don’t rule anything out. Be open to new things and it will come to you.

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      26 and going….

      by tcpip4u ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community


      Its always a positive thing hear when someone is looking to set a goal or goals to reach in life. This is one of the most difficult if not an impossible thing for anyone to suggest. The

      Couple of things that I can suggest is to keep and open mind with everything that you experience and venture into it if it interest you. The ultimate goal is for your happiness and the happiness of your loved one. Life is simple and short, don’t make it more complicated than it already is.

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      Life’s what happens when you’re making other plans

      by amcol ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      I’d never advocate against setting goals, but I think it’s important to remember that goals are merely a destination. The journey is what’s truly important.

      At your age most of us are all on fire to accomplish all sorts of goals. We set our bars high and jump, then we set them higher. We collect certifications and awards and raises and promotions and accolades by the ton. We make lists of things to do and keep adding to them until we need a list for all our lists. We puff out our chests, stretch out our suspenders, point proudly at ourselves and say “Look, world, look at what I have wrought.”. If only we could reach our own backs without spraining our arms.

      I’m of your parents’ generation and have kids about your age, so that’s the perspective I’m coming from.

      I have four pieces of advice for you: (1) goals are important but they should be a function of what makes you happy, not what other people think (not much of a revelation since other posters have expressed that thought); (2) never have more than three goals at a time…more than that and you’ll end up disappointing yourself by being unable to focus; (3) make sure your have goals that are both professional and personal…the work/life balance is critical for good mental and physical health; (4) most importantly, enjoying the trip is just as important as where you end up.

      As that famous philospher Yogi Berra has so astutely pointed out: “How do you know you’ve arrived if you don’t know where you’re going?”.

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      I do it

      by s_hunnicutt ·

      In reply to List of Accomplishments – A question for the TR community

      Every year I setup my own goals that I would like to achieve for the year. 2 lists are created one personal and one business wise. Yes sometimes the two overlap each or I have to finish one goal to get to the next, but I has really worked well for me since I started doing it.

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        what is yo motivation for doing what you are or hope to??

        by degwell ·

        In reply to I do it

        i had always wnated to be a heliicopter pilot but in my part of the woods you only do what yo parents ant you to do!!
        so i stuck on university doing something else till i meet a computer in 1998.
        MOral of the story!my motivation is to be the best i can be while sticking too what i love to

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