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List of Files Not Available in Apps

By Shesca ·
I am using WindowsXP,SP2, and until a few days ago in programs I use, there was a list of the most recent files opened under "Files" in the menu bar. In Excel, the task pane listed my most frequently used files. I looked the problem up in the MS knowledge base, and it said I can no longer list the files because I make a change in IE6 using TweakUI. I didn't use TweakUI, I did nothing. I have been having small problems like this in the past few months. When I load the Windows CD, it loads some files, then tells me that the CD is not recognized as WinXP CD, so I can't use the repair function. I am unsure what to do now. I never realized how much I realize on those lists.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to List of Files Not Availa ...

Well the files are still there but you'll have to look for them if you have no form of filing system on your HDD they'll all be in your My Documents Folder so at least your data is still there.

As for why this happened the last round of MS Updates had some interesting side effects one was a major plug of IE6 which very much could behave like TweakUI and delete the recent lists in all Office applications. That is what has happened and all you should need to do is open the existing files and they will appear on the Recent User Lists again. Well at least until the next round of MS Patches become available.

The reason that the CD is no longer being recognized as a valid CD is most likely because it is a previous version before SP2 so while it is still OK for a reinstall it is no longer recognized as the current OS install CD for repair work but it should be seen OK for any thing else. If it isn't, either the CD has physical Damage on it making it unreadable or the Optical Drive isn't working properly but I would honestly be looking at the different version options as a starting point.


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by jacobgin1 In reply to List of Files Not Availa ...

Frankly i feel its a virus or spyware/adware. Have u installed any screensavers or p2p softwares like kazaa or bearshare or limeware,etc... These come with hidden spywares. U r data might be ok, but u wil have to remove these spyawres manually. reparing might not work as u r cd is damaged or the drive is faulty. go to save mode and use the system restore to a previous date. That might help.

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by ctrservices In reply to List of Files Not Availa ...

Create a slip stream version of XP. The following web site explains why and how

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