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By greg85374 ·
I have a lstview control called LstViewReminder
the field in it are:
Lv.SubItems(1) = Rs("Date")
Lv.SubItems(2) = Rs("Time")
Lv.SubItems(3) = Rs("EntryType")
Lv.SubItems(4) = Rs("Name")
Lv.SubItems(5) = Rs("Address")
Lv.SubItems(6) = Rs("City")
Lv.SubItems(7) = Rs("State")
Lv.SubItems( = Rs("Zip")
Lv.SubItems(9) = Rs("HomePhone")
Lv.SubItems(10) = Rs("CellPhone")
Lv.SubItems(11) = Rs("WorkPhone")
Lv.SubItems(12) = Rs("Ext")
Lv.SubItems(13) = Rs("Notes")

Ive a cbobox named CboSearchBy- that loops through my fields and add them to itsself.
and a Textbox named TxtEmpSearch

The user should be able to select the coulumnheader(one of my Lv's)then enter a search string in the txtbox

upon pressing CmdSearch I want it to search my listview's subitems for a match with the textbox.

I used the code:
Private Sub CmdSearch_Click()
Dim I, X As Integer
Dim strchk As Variant

If Not Rs.BOF Then
End If

For I = 1 To Rs.Fields.Count - 1
If LstViewReminder.ColumnHeaders(I).Text = CboSearchBy.Text Then
X = (I - 1)
End If
Next I

For I = 1 To LstViewReminder.ListItems.Count
If TxtEmpSearch.Text = LstViewReminder.ListItems(I).SubItems(X)Then
MsgBox "Match Found!" + vbNewLine + "Employee I " + LstViewReminder.ListItems(I).Text, , "Record(s) Found Are In Bold"
LstViewReminder.ListItems(I).Bold = True
LstViewReminder.ListItems(I).Selected = True
Exit Sub
End If
Next I

TxtEmpSearch.Text = ""
End Sub
which worked fine for a while..unfortuantely now im getting an error:runtime error 380 invalid property value. This is the first time ive used this control and owuld like to know what im doing wrong and how to correct it!

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