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My computer can not play music or use any CD-ROM. I tried to uninstall and reinstalled but it gave me an error code 31. How can find out for sure that it is not the CD-ROM which is faulty but the or the opposite

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by whopi In reply to LITEON CD-ROM LTN483L

These are two ways to listen to an audio CD in a CDRom player: with the analog cable to be connected from the read of the CDrom to the audio sound card (or motherboard if this function is integrated. And the second one digitally, interpreting the stream of bytes from the files.
WinAMP proposes both options if you want (to be configured pressing Ctrl-P selecting a different input plug-in.)

CDRoms DVD and CD-RW burners are automatically detected and mounted by windows. No need to Uninstall.It is not normal to get a so simple error code 31. Where have you seen this ?

If you can't read any cdroms, verify the presence of the CDrom reader in the device manager. Is there a yellow ! or a red ? or x in front of it ?
Have you tried to use it in another PC ?
If it fails elsewhere, is this reader still under warranty ?
There is very little chance to repair an old reader, except blowing gently near the lens. Sometimes, it is a film of nicotine which progressively render the opticunusable. Typical life of a reader is less than 5 years.
CD-Burners generate head which could change the azimuth and degrade the readability of the resulting CD-R. Lifetime seem to be less than 3 years. I speak for myself. Manufacturers are more optimistic.

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