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    ok lets start i have a acer 4230 travelmate laptop with a partitioned hard drive in fat32 fomat and have just installed vista ultimate upgrade but had trouble as vista would not install onto a fat32 format so i formated the second partition in NTFS and installed it there! Woops!now i’ve got two operating systems, xp in first partition and vista in second and for some reason my vista upgrade disk will not boot directly! so can any-one give me advise on how to either remove first partition or format it so i can run just 1 operating system as any attempt to format the first partition has just made me angry with no results except the failer of xp opporating! help me plz i’m desperate

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      by j.j.dow ·

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      Format the drive

      by mamies ·

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      In the windows Vista install you should be able to remove both partitions on install or if your not sure google Cute Partition Manager.

      Please post if you have more trouble

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      I think that

      by rob miners ·

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      I would be using the Acer Recovery to reinstall the XP OS. Remove Vista, convert XP to NTFS and reinstall the Vista Upgrade.

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