Little or no connectivity!

By dermy55 ·
I am using Win XP SP2, I have been using DSL broadband for about 3 months, suddenly I am getting error 'little or no connectivity'. I haven't changed anything, IP is dynamic but computer cannot assign IP address. Any way of renewing IP address without re-installing OS?

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Do you mean 'limited or no connectivity'?

by ComputerCookie In reply to Little or no connectivity ...

Turn it of as it doesn't mean anything 99% of the time (could caused by a break or bad weather).

Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections, right click on the 'Local Area Connection', click on 'Properties'.

Place a tick in the box next to 'Show icon in notification area when when connected', remove the tick from 'Notify me when this connectio has limited or no connectivity'.

When you notice that you have no internet connection, right click on the network icon next to the time and select repair. This will save you from restarting your computer to get an IP address, re-installing the OS will not change anything.

Any other questions post back!


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Linited or No Connectivity

by dermy55 In reply to Do you mean 'limited or n ...

Sorry, error as above. I cannot get a connection to the Internet when I get this error. I have tried to renew IP Address to no avail, I checked ipconfig and modem doesn't appear in this list.


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by Jessie In reply to Little or no connectivity ...

Did you check with your DSL provider to make sure there are no outages in your area? Do a little trouble shooting with them to make sure it's not something in their systems.

Can you ping your router? Have you tried rebooting the router? ipconfig /renew from a cmd line will renew your ip address if there's one available from DHCP.

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Limited or No Connectivity

by dermy55 In reply to First

I spent an hour on the phone with DSL provider, 30 mins with modem supplier and carried out all normal ways of renewing IP addresses, I can set a static IP address and get 'connected'. But still cannot access the Internet.
I cannot ping the router because there seems to be no communication with the PC.
I connected the router to another PC and all worked fine.
I connected a different router to the offending PC and got the error message again!


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try another PC

by AYJE In reply to Little or no connectivity ...

Try another pc to see if you have the same problem. If you do, check your router or modem.

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Tried this.

by dermy55 In reply to try another PC

I have tried another PC and all okay, I tried a different modem on this computer, still get error message and no access to Internet.

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Replace your NIC card

by rbaker In reply to Tried this.

Sounds like you have a bad Network Interface. Replace your NIC should resolve your issue.

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