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Live Boot Operating Systems Going Mainstream?

By gfuentes5 ·
Live Boot Operating Systems Going Mainstream?

The future of desktop computing will be one where an OS boots from a DVD into Ramdisk in order to Hack Proof the critical OS and Application files. Virus authors therefore must target the users personal data but can never corrupt the Core Systems. This technology exists in its infancy now. Many Linux live boot CD / DVD's are to be found in the pages and on the front covers of Linux magazines in Book shops and on racks across the fruited plain. One can imagine a day when the OS of chioce is customized with all the necessary third party apps an IT department might want to use and Imaged to a Bootable DVD for each workstation. Going one step further, a local hard disk is no longer needed because the server does a great job of virus scanning and backing up the local users private files. Just think, Let's say a virus makes its way somehow into the memory of the workstation... A simple reboot, and its gone, with no damage to the OS or the Core Apps ! BUT WAIT, I'm an OS developer and represent a long standing institution that is extremely greedy and wants to eliminate piracy / copy issues, what then? Well maybe the answer would be an online database where the OS could only run one instance of itself per seat (if licensed that way) at any one time, assuming of course that it's ID numbers checked out with the database at headquarters. So go ahead and make as many copies of your OS as you like, pass them along to your friends... guess what, you had better hope they arent using the OS at a time when you want to boot up! On second thought , maybe it's better if i dont make copies and give them out, who knows how many will end up on the streets, and if only one can run at any one time, why, I'll never get to boot my machine... SO much for piracy issues. The whole concept is that you build a system, just the way you want it and then burn a personal copy to a bootable DVD. If you need to install another software utility, the handy configuration wizard will make an updated image ready to burn... SO with the boot menu there must be a chooser or realtime utility in memory that does excellent memory management, we dont want the entire DVD to load every time.. and so on. Thats the IDEA anyway... NO VIRUSES can touch the optical media, unless of course you start with one already infecting your supposedly virus free configuration files... but if thought out and implemented properly, this could really work. How about multiple seat licensing, just have the OS vendor tweak the license file on their end and viola, more than one copy can run concurrently... The only drawback is that once you lose your connection to the internet, and thus the verification database at the OS vendor..., you lose the rights to run the local ramdisk image. But im sure some bright encryption specialist will figure a way around that minor issue. As a final thought, possibly having the DVD image refresh every few minutes could keep things tidy in regard to online threats to the OS in memory, so a simple firewall would be sufficient for most internet browsing... I'm of course talking about MICROSOFT and APPLE releasing an OS of this sort, I really think they will be left behind as LINUX developers continue to make excellent bootable disks for the Open Source world! That's my story and im sticking to it. Let me know what you think!

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