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By MallardtooXX ·
mrafrohead brought up a good point in another thread, so it is to him that I will credit this since it really isn't my idea Per Se`. Who here would think a LIVE chat room would be a good thing? I for one think it a great Idea. There have been rumblings that the forum format is not engaging enough, there are a lot of us who think faster than we can post, and for the most part it is just a little more interesting to see a debate come into shape in real time. If tech republic does not want to loose its forum, and it would be a shame to really, then they could keep it and post the interesting minutes from real time discussions as forum topics to be addressed by the people who were not in on the discussion. The down side, there would be a lot of us that would do nothing but sit around and chat all day long =P...what do you all think? I for one vote Yes...
oh and windex to all who reply =)


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Would be cool

by LordInfidel In reply to LIVE FROM NY IT TECH REPU ...

But then you lose the advantage of formulating your response.

And there are lot's of times where I will start to post and then have to leave to do something. Leaving my original typing still on the screen.

That would be the only disadvantage I would see. And if no one is on-line and chatting at the same time, then it starts to look dead.

It would be interesting though to debate people in real time.

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Here here

by jkaras In reply to Would be cool

I definetly agree that the chatting would make this site a lot more informative to those like me trying to learn. Sometimes I dont understand the jargon or acronyms and require clarification. With this site live it could put more things into perspective as you gurus enlighten the info lacking. Only drawback is that most companies forbid chat rooms due to security or time consumption away from duties. In my case with working for a gov office they dont want any negative backlash from reports running stories of how their dollars are being spent having employees chatting. Who knows, if TR does this right it might create a work around this issue. I repectfully challenge the TR team to make this happen to enhance their remarkable site.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Here here

I have a workaround.

If we do go ahead and implement it, you'll see it

It's called port 8080


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by Jellimonsta In reply to LIVE FROM NY IT TECH REPU ...

I agree.... the live chat format would be a great way to exchange experiences and ideas. As you mention though the ability to debate issues in real time would really be the kicker!
I imagine there is some kind of Tech Chat is yahoo or one of the similar chat service providers but TR would be a different league.

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Not one or the other but both

by maxwell edison In reply to LIVE FROM NY IT TECH REPU ...

I think that the discussion forum has its place and always will. I agree with LordInfidel in regards to his comment about having the time to formulate an appropriate response. What one would say "shooting from the hip" could differ greatly from a more thought out response. (And for a grammatical "****" like me, I need the time to proofread, spell check, etc.)

However, a "real time" debate would indeed be fun and interesting. But a more practical application could be the vehicle for providingsome real-time help with some real world troubleshooting.


"Okay, wait a minute. Let me try that."

"Nope, that wasn't it. But now I'm getting a different error message that says..."

"Well then try this..."

"Enter this command. What do you see?"


Of course, Lordinfidel would be kept busy helping everyone in the world with their Web sites and remote connections.

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hehe sounds like a second tech support

by admin In reply to Not one or the other but ...

position the way you describe it!

HAving both would be cool though :)

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Potential Problem

by GuruOfDos In reply to Not one or the other but ...

Well...for all my colleagues over that side of the pond you only have to work with a 3 hour time difference, coast to coast. Europe is 5-6 hours ahead of EST and then there are our cousins in Asia and the Antipodes.

It's bad enough having to dealwith California over the phone! They are just finishing the newspapers and starting the second cup of coffee as I'm about to head for home!

There is a solid core of participants in many of the debates, but getting us together in one room at the same time may pose a problem.

As I write this, it's almost 3am here in the UK, so I am a bit of a night owl but often I get on at 9am here so most Americans are in bed.

Be nice to chat though!!!

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Reality Check

by Oldefar In reply to LIVE FROM NY IT TECH REPU ...

I use both ICQ and MSN on a regular basis. Maybe its my age, but I see some drawbacks.

First, the time differences can be killers. I chat with techs in Singapore, Egypt, Denmark, and England in addition to the US. These are always situations where one party is closing down his day and the other starting. US only is still just a 5 hour window.

Next, with just a 1 to 1 chat it is easy to get a couple of thought threads going at once. With each additional person these threads grow geometrically, and chaos comes into play.

MSN does not store the sessions so there is no archive to refer to. Not a problem with ICQ.

All these ads that surround the forum section is what pays for the forum. Will TechRepublic find a sponsor for the chats?

Maybe the better approach is to allow members to post their IM addresses along with their emails in their peer profiles?

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Good Idea

by omie In reply to LIVE FROM NY IT TECH REPU ...

I think that is a good idea. Let it roll

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Temp Setup.

by mrafrohead In reply to LIVE FROM NY IT TECH REPU ...

I am really excited to hear that there are others that like this idea. The funniest part is that I just posted to another thread, was getting ready to start THIS thread right here, and then once I clicked send reply the three topics at the bottom showed. I saw this and just about passed out. I couldn't believe it was already started

Okay, well, I read all of the threads and then when I started a reply my PC took the honors of rebooting itself all by itself... So I don't remember who said what already and I'm too lazy to reread everything again. So please don't get mad if I don't recall who said what. I just remember what was said.

First off... I agree with BOTH or just this. This is the original and that can never be changed. The chat room would just be an add on.

As for timezones and all of that stuff. That is what will keep the channel alive. When those of us on one side of the world sleep the others will do their business.

I use IRC A LOT. I think that this is the route I want to take this. I know there are ways to port it through a web site live. I just need to figure out how

I have some bots for security. I have to get in touch with TechRepublic to make sure that they don't mind though, that's most important. I don't want any infrigements going on

One thing though. I don't know HTML, I may need some help with that, if someone can volunteer their abilities.

We'll need to make some temporary rules as there is an authority system on IRC. You have regular users, voices which have immunity and extended rights. Then Ops, which are Admins.

As for being asleep when people post and missing it. You can log EVERYTHING and read at your leisure. If you are online, messages can be sent so you can individually talk to users.

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