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live to work or work to live?

By Lumbergh77 ·
As a young IT professional, I'm strugging with this issue. Judging by a lot of the posters here and with conversations with people outside of this forum, there aren't too many people who actually like their job. It's rare to find someone who loves their job AND is well paid.

What is your philosphy? Do you work to live or live to work? How many hours do you work a week? How much time do you spend outside of work studying and/or doing side jobs?

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by secure_lockdown In reply to live to work or work to l ...

i love what i do. i also notice that many other IT professionals i know love what they do.

what we don't like is the way the industry is turning topsy turvy.

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by apotheon In reply to nonsense!!!

I like my job.

I don't like bad customers. I don't like being in an industry that's in the toilet. I don't like the way that work can just dry up for a month or two at a time, cutting into my income pretty drastically. I don't like the fact that my boss sometimes has expectations built on misconceptions rather than facts in evidence and my experience.

There will be things to dislike in any job, no matter how much you love doing it in general. That's because work is part of life, and nobody promised you a rosegarden for a life (or if they did, they were lying).

Unfortunately, sometimes the real world forces you to get a job you don't like as much if the one you have and love isn't paying the bills. I've seen that happen many times. I've also seen jobs simply dry up and disappear, leaving people jumping at the first thing that comes along just to have some income, and finding themselves in a bad situation as a result.

A lot of the time, you have to work a job you don't like just to stay alive until you can find the job you like, so you can find fulfillment, enjoyment, and comfort there.

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forgot to answer your question

by secure_lockdown In reply to live to work or work to l ...

i work regular hours. but most of my time away from work i spent working contract jobs, upgrading knowledge, reading IT news, reading IT security news and participating in online forums. keeps me on top of my game.

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by Choppit In reply to live to work or work to l ...

I hear far too many people say they hate their jobs. Considering that work consumes around a third of our adult lives it's a pretty sad state of affairs. I love working (always have), and although I don't consider myself well paid, as long as I can support my family by doing a job I enjoy, I'm a happy man.

As for the working hours, I generally put in around 55-60 hours a week and study (in one form or another) for around 10 hours a week.

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Lovin IT

by imagictech In reply to Both

I cannot see myself doing anything else but this. Maybe the same thing for more money but not any other career. IT is different from alot of professions due to the amout of study and keeping up that it takes to remain competitive as well as certified.

I really enjoy working with the customer and (when things get fixed) I love the feeling of a job well done and the cementing of the relationship with the customer.

IT is demanding and not for sluff-off's or chronic underachievers. If you dont like to read, forget IT.


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important point

by apotheon In reply to Lovin IT

Thank you for pointing that out. I haven't thought about it for a while, but it's very true: to truly excel in IT, you have to read. You have to read a lot. There's just no way to stay current in this industry without reading all the time.

It's important to read, and (more to the point) to learn, all the time in IT. The characteristics that make the best IT workers very much tend to overlap with the characteristics that make the best hackers (in the pre-FUD sense of the term "hacker", which pretty much just refers to a clever enthusiast with insatiable curiosity). I'm talking about characteristics like curiosity, intelligence, willingness to think for oneself, good problem-solving skills, and perhaps most importantly an admirable love of learning.

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Excited to finally be working in IT

by AcesKaraoke In reply to important point

I have had a deep passion for technology for more years than I can remember. I started dismantling things (phones, radios, etc.) at an early age to see what made them tick. Unfortunately, it took a few years for my reassembly skills to catch up, which left me in hot water with my mom very often growing up.

I was very active programming in high school on the Apple IIe (showing my age), but fell away from it after graduating because I got out on my own and had to make ends meet.

I finally got back into computers 10 years later and Apple had basically fallen by the wayside and PC's and clones were dominating the market. It was a whole new ballgame when I bought my 1st PC used, it was a 386 which was a total dinosaur when I bought it, but really helped me learn DOS cause it was still running Win 3.11. I started upgrading my own PC and then on friends.

Finally, now I'm in a position to get some formal training and work in field I love. I started at ITT earlier this year and will be starting an internship and the end of the month. I love the fact that I'll need to get up with constantly evolving technologies and a fast moving market. Who wants to do the same thing day in and day out for 20-30 years anyway.

For me, I've always looked at work as what I have to do to fund what I want to do. I suspect that now I'll actually enjoy work AND be able to keep food on the table, but I'm one of those who doesn't mind hard work and using my head for something other than a hatrack. If work was always easy, why would anybody pay you to do it?

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It's a dichotomy

by Packratt In reply to live to work or work to l ...

At least it is for me personally.

I've worked with computers most of my life and have always excelled and had a great aptitude with them. I love what I do, I do it quite well, and I take pride in the work I do... As a matter of fact, when I can give that work away to charity I do it half for the joy of helping others and half for the joy of the work itself.

On the other hand... I despise what this industry/career has become.

Filled with self absorbed egomaniacs who think that their peers who are having it rough are somehow less than they and have no sense of empathy or brotherhood.

Managers and executives who seek to turn us into third-world laborers by enforcing slave-labor sweatshop hours, by exploiting people from overseas who come here hoping to leave that type of legacy behind them only to find it here as well, by making us all disposable contractors and perma-temps who don't get benefits, and by moving our jobs overseas where there are no labor protections and where government policies encourage substandard and unfairly low wages which forces our value lower.

See, I love what I've done and am capable of doing... But I work for myself and my family first and formost, I work to provide for their well-being and safety above all other considerations.

If I don't get paid enough to keep my family housed and fed, if I don't get benefits to keep us healthy, if I work so many hours that I don't spend time with my children to teach them what I know, and if the work is not stable enough to allow us to save for our children's futures... then what joy can there be in anything?

So, in the IT field of today... There is no joy to be had, only survival and the slim hope of getting the time and money to train yet again for something I can only hope will be better than being a permatemp slave.

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work to live.

by mrafrohead In reply to live to work or work to l ...

That is the only reason to work, IMO. Otherwise, I'd just sit at home and smoke bowls all day long. Sadly, having a home, and the bowls to smoke cost money, therefore I have to work...

I don't like my job, currently looking for a new one, because the pay is crap. There is no room to advance, and it's just a go nowhere place. But I DID get out of it what I needed. Experience...

My next job will pay what I expect and will also be fun to do, or I will move on again until I find what I'm looking for.

I strictly work my 40 hours. No more. I figure what I'm paid, I don't see any reason to do any extra because I'm paid this whether I bust my *** or just do what I do... Now if I was paid well, I'd put in 110% all the time. Now I put out about , well... it's below 100%...

I spend most of my freetime, when it's not with my family, working on my home network, tinkering and teaching myself more. I LOVE computers and like to learn as much as I can about them.

Just think, once my pay and benefits are worked out, I'll love my job, as I do enjoy what I do.


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You get what you pay for

by Oz_Media In reply to work to live.

THat's my theory. When I was working FT in New Westminster I would put in extreme hours, then the boss would drop the ball and all my work would stifle. THis really Pis*ed me off and I started ot tell him so when he asked me to start new projects. He'd say, I pay you anyway, why do "you care what I have you do? I would just say because I can waste my time all day somewhere else for more money, but I choose not to."

My theory now is you get what you pay for, you want a $20/r employee, you'll get one. You want me to work, dish out the dosh and I will make it worth your while!$$$$$

I personaly hate most emploers, they really think the staff owe them something. For what a JOB!?

I even had one employer say that he didn't pay us much but at least we always get a paycheque, at the time of the big IT crash of the 90's where some people weren't paid.

My answer was if you didn't pay me religiously, I would be working for your competitors. Who the **** would work JUST because they got paid properly? You don't get paid, you sue for double and move on.

Everyone has a job to offer, how about respecting the fact that you don't have a company without the right people?

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