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    Live Update Problems


    by pzhamilton ·

    I have installed Norton Firewall with no problems and it liveupdates. I then installed Norton AV 2003 and it will not do a live update. The error is common security client. What should I do? I’m thinking, maybe uninstall all and then reinstall NAV first and then firewall. Any other suggestions?

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      well, i would have expected that to work also. maybe just try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Live Update first (this is common suggested fix)…otherwise i like your idea…uninstall ALL the components, live update, live advisor, livereg whatever…
      live update problems are really common. if you give us your exact error message we can help better…

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      by shasca ·

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      Since the first update on new installation can be kinda big I sometimes go to Symantec and run the EXE the first time that usually fixes the liveupdate problem. You will know right away by then running the liveupdate. It will do it’s thing then say something like no new updates found then work properly. If not, you have already
      come up with an alternative plan.

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      Reply To: Live Update Problems

      by curacao_dejavu ·

      In reply to Live Update Problems

      Here’s is the latest live update.exe

      else uninstall everything then install nav then the firewall.
      Beware that when you uninstall you have to go c:\program files\norton ,…\nav. , …\common files\symantec to delete the rest of the files to and into the registry. symantec programs don’t like to do a clean uninstall.


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