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We have many locations with security cameras at them with dvr (xp pro boxes with the web software) installed. I can remote into the boxes and view the cameras at will. However, I would like to have all the video from all the locations uploaded to one web site so that I may log onto the one site and then view whatever camera from any location all on one site. They could have different folders for each location and that would be acceptable. This way I would not have to type each locations url into the web browser and then log on one at a time. How can this be accomplished?

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Have you got the Budget to attempt this?

by OH Smeg In reply to live video

The costs are going to be Horrendously and you'll need a lot of Available Bandwidth to the Remote site hosting the Servers that hold this stuff.

Not to mention vast amounts of Storage Space to hold the Video.

What you need to do here is redirect the output of these Cameras to a central Location after you have created the Web Page and set different Folders to store the Video and then set the Destination to the Folder on the Web Site that you want the Video Feed to go to.

All you would have to do then is Open the Web Page that you have made and depending on how it is constructed open the Folders for the Different Camera's/Shops or whatever they are.

As to needing to enter the HTTP Address manually every time wouldn't it be easier to Just Bookmark the individual Sites/Cameras and then click on that Bookmark? Or am I missing something here?


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