LJ 2300 printing mutli pages on single sheet of paper

By pmcgrath ·
I have an HP LJ2300l hooked to the network via a JetDirect. Last week the Lj2300 started printing multiple pages of text on one sheet of paper. Had been working fine for months. If you had a two page document, I would print both pages of text, one on top of the other on a single sheet. I was able to work around by changing the Windows print queue properties to send the print job strait to the printer.
Any on else have a problem like this? I'm not real comfortable with the current solution. I would like to know what caused it to happen in the first place.

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never seen that one

by w2ktechman In reply to LJ 2300 printing mutli pa ...

but it may be a formatter board problem. Or, it may be that the paper pickup has an issue and it is writing several images over themselves. But this would mean that a sensor is bad as well.
Try replacing rollers (pickup). Is it still under warranty? if so, have HP look into it.

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nor I

by dnevill In reply to never seen that one

But I have seen "ghosting", images repeating themselves on one sheet of paper. This is usually caused by the toner cartridge or the fuser.

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Ah, yes

by w2ktechman In reply to nor I

I knew I was forgetting something. I doubt the fuser though, but the transfer kit, yes. If the toner and transfer kit are the same unit, then replace that first.

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That was my first thought.

by pmcgrath In reply to Ah, yes

This is at a remote site. I asked them to get the local HP tech to look at it. I got a call, the users said the teck came out and told them it was a software issue, the printer was fine. I had them do the easy stuff like power down the jetdirect and printer. I'm thinking something my be failing in the jetdirect which buffers the job or the print engine on the printer is failing. Not sure. This is a new one for me as well.

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We are seeing same issue with 3 HP LAN printers

by rledford In reply to LJ 2300 printing mutli pa ...

At the corporate offices of our main client, this issue appeared simultaneously on three HP printers of differ models. One LJ4200 shared & de-spooled from the Win2003 file server only, and two others were both LJ2300 series. The two LJ2300s were local use only (no sharing), but each connection to them was via ethernet (not USB). All at once the problem started for all three, which had worked fine for months. We tried your "print direct to printer" (no local spooling) fix and it worked. Then we noticed they were all running PCL5e drivers. As a test we bumped them up to PCL6 and the problem cleared. I suspect an MS-Update triggered this one, clobbering only those printer setups running with the dumbed down PCL5e driver.

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