LJ4300 & LJ5M Printer Network works only sometimes inDebian3

By lbengoa ·
Hi. I have a HP laseJet 4300 and a HP Laserjet 5M printers connected to our corporative network and their computers sometimes print their works normally and sometimes user have to make their print request twice. In this last case sometimes they isn't any network or OS response until the second request and then print oK and sometimes has an error message:

Error in <printer path/printer name> en <XXXX>: Cannot print, They are several causes for this error:

- Not enough memory
- If you are printing in a network. It's possible because a bad connection or bad print driver.
- Network computer cable damaged or network printer cable damaged. This error message appears also the first one who I make a print order. The second one works normally.
This error appears in several applications. The first case is not possible; I try to reinstall printer driver in some computers without success. network cables are OK and network connection normally remains during the printing proccess.

Most of user computers works with Windows 2003 and both printers are connected at the same server who woks over Debian 3.0 Linux. When I look into the windows printer queue sometimes the job appears with "In Queue" Status. Could you help me please?. Do you need any addicional information for me or for our network manager? I hope an answer as soon as possible.

Very thanks in advance. Best wishes

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It depends on several things but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LJ4300 & LJ5M Printer Net ...

It sounds as if there is a problem with the Windows 2003 Servers communicating with the Linux Server and Samba is dropping the first print request.

What we need to know here is how the Workstations communicate with the Debian Box. Do they first go to a Windows Server or directly communicate with the Debian Box?

As Samba would need to be installed to every workstation if the workstations communicate with the Print Server I would tend to think that the job first goes to a Windows Server and is then passed onto the Debian unit to run the print job.

Start looking at the error logs in the Windows Box that communicates with the Debian Box for your answer here.


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Servers Runs directly with Debian

by lbengoa In reply to It depends on several thi ...

Both printers are connected with a HPJetDirect to the server who runs directly with Debian 3.0 with Samba 3.0.22 and Windows 2003 Server is only the local OS for the computer clients who can find the printers as network printers and works with a printer drivers installed in every client. The job first goes to the Windows Server and after goes to Debian unit to run the print.The error log in the Window Box are:
Name Product OS MS Windows
File version: 5.2.3790.3959
1)I can't print the document.. type NT EFM 1008 (File name ws03res.dll, Id log msg. 6161)
2)Document can't print for the error process
GDI/Driver (File name LocalSpl.dll, Id log msg. 45) Col

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OK the first place that I would look is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Servers Runs directly wit ...

At the HP JetDirect as the possible problem. Look for any Updated Drivers/Software. Maybe it's just me but I don't overly trust HP Products top work the way that HP says that they do. There may be a Debian Driver/Software Package available which may work better than the one that HP supplies.

Then look at the Windows 2003 Server as a possible Communication Problem with Samba. I personally wouldn't put it past M$ to foul up Samba slightly to suit their own ends and sell more M$ product.


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I Send New Reply with Error Log of the Window Box..

by lbengoa In reply to OK the first place that I ...

Sorry Another time but I wonder if you could read Our error log in the Window Box. That are:
Name Product OS MS Windows
File version: 5.2.3790.3959
1)I can't print the document.. type NT EFM 1008 (File name ws03res.dll, Id log msg. 6161)
2)Document can't print for the error process
GDI/Driver (File name LocalSpl.dll, Id log msg. 45)
They are people on the web speaking about to reseting the spooling services with cleanspl.exe in that case (NT EFM 100... What do you think? It's a real solution or only an aspirin?

With this Windows log results do you already think that is a problem of our HP JetDirect Drivers? Could me confirm that with a DEBIAN Driver for HP JetDirect we can solve this kind of prints errors who appears in the error logs of Window Box and in general make better communications between w2k3 and Samba?
Thank you Col for your very interesting suggests and patience. Luis

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Sorry for the delay but I got home at 3.00 AM last night.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I Send New Reply with Err ...

I thought that this would need a much clearer head that what I had then.

Anyway the 61 Error Message from the Windows Box/s is described here on the M$ Knowledge Base and this may be useful to you.

The 45 Error Message relates to something to do with SQL according the M$ at least and is described here

They are people on the web speaking about to reseting the spooling services with cleanspl.exe in that case (NT EFM 100... What do you think? It's a real solution or only an aspirin?

I'm not overly sure on this one as it's not a problem that I've previously run into however the 1008 Message that you gave seems to be related to DNS or DHCP type services on 2003 as listed here on the M$ Knowledge Base

So they may be a good starting point. Of course the Exact Error Message isn't listed so the 1008 seems fairly generic and seems to cover quite a lot of different M$ product from Server to Exchange. So you may need to look at the entire Software Load on the 2003 units.

With this Windows log results do you already think that is a problem of our HP JetDirect Drivers?

With the error messages given I would first be looking at the Samba Connection on the 2003 Box/s as they seem to relate predominately to Networking Errors so that would be my starting point as everything seems to refer to this. As for Debian Drivers for the HP unit that would be worthwhile trying but right at the moment I don't think that it will be the full solution tot he current problem. As I don't personally use anything HP I'm not sure though but from past experience with HP Products problems have always been resolved with different drivers on Linux at least but as I say I don't now use anything HP at all. This is more to do with their Warranty Service than anything else so it's not exactly their products that I don't like just their service of these when UG.

Luis I hope that is of some use to you. Instead of wasting time as I only get notifications once every 24 hours if you would like to Peer Mail me things should be faster but I'm in AU so there will still be a time lag involved. Perhaps joining one of the many Linux User Groups may result in a faster response time and be faster if not more useful. Someone else may have run into these problems previously. Anyway the Linux User Groups in Spain are listed here if that is of any use

Depending on where you are in Spain there is somewhere around a +9 Hour Time Difference so as you are starting work for the day I'm more or less finished well that would be a nice idea if it actually happened but I think you get the idea there is going to be a fairly decent Time Lag involved.

Anyway lets know if I can be of any help.



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Your answer was very helpful but ...

by lbengoa In reply to Sorry for the delay but I ...

...I have to ask another time (sorry).

I try to solved this Problem going to the Printer Advanced Properties and by activating a radio button about Printing Directly in The Printer and without using windows print queues (At respect of Method 4). This prove was succesful in both printers and it works perfect with HPLJ5M but in this case HPLJ4300 cannot scale printing with Word (cannot print in a 90% for example) .What could you do to activate this features or to solve printing problems by another way.
(the another 3 methods of the msn above page support are useful only if the server is W2k3 also; and our Server works with Debian 3.0 you know).
I was found some additional information about printing errors in the Windows Box; that is:

1) Event ID 6161. I can't print the document.. and CODE WIN32 who returns Print Server can change (sometimes is 259, sometimes 1801 or 0)
2) Document can't print for the error process
GDI/Driver (Event ID 45)
errors 1 and 2 come together in this order for each printing wrong request nearly ever in computers with w2k3.

At respect of Debian Drivers to HP JetDirect where could found this drivers?

I hope your answer soon. Thank you in advance

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What a great way to finish the day.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Your answer was very help ...

Anyway not a problem ask away. & Yes I do realize that the Print Server is running Debiam but because the Error Messages are all Windows Reports they are all I can point you to for a possible solution. They also seen to indicate that the Windows Box's are not communicating with the Debian Box and that the problem is at the Windows end. Maybe

Anyway the Event ID 61XX message relates to a failed Print Job as shown here

However what is interesting is this bit of that Article

This problem occurs because the error that the underlying component reported was overwritten. Therefore, only the last error was reported. For example, the following Win32 error codes may have been reported: ? ERROR_SPL_NO_STARTDOC (3003)

This error code means that a StartDocPrinter call was not issued. You receive this error code when the print spooler cannot send data to the port. The print job is marked as "error printing." In this scenario, the print spooler repeatedly tries to send the data until the user cancels the job. The error that the port monitor component returns is overwritten when the user cancels the print job.

This error code means that the operation completed successfully. You receive this error code when an underlying component such as graphics device interface (GDI) returns a failure but does not set the last error.

This cane up in a Search for the CODE WIN 32 which may be useful maybe

The interesting bit here is

This problem occurs when you do not specify the full path of the file you are printing to. If a file is specified as filename.prn, the file will be created in the %Systemroot%\System32 folder. Various users will have different rights to this folder. If you print to a file that is located in this folder, you may receive an "ACCESS_DENIED" error message. In this case, if you continue to write jobs to this same file, the spooler continues to try to print the job. This scenario can exhaust page-pooled memory and cause your computer to stop responding.
seems pretty straight forward and may or may not be applicable in this case.

The Event ID 45 error seems to apply to Windows Servers rebooting unexpectally as there are 44 Listings on the M$ knowledge Base with this Event ID after a search. Not sure if this applies here or not but maybe it is useful

OK so all of this means that the Windows 2003 Server isn't communicating with the Debian Print Server/Printer so something along the line is breaking down with the obvious thing being the Interface between the Windows Side of the LAN and the Print Server. The thing here is Samba being the most likely problem child if the 2003 Server is actually sending the Print Job onto the Print Server. So do you have any way to verify that the Windows Server/s are actually passing the Print Job on?

There could be a communication failure here or another possibility is a Driver Issue at the Debian Server which is preventing the Printer from working correctly.

Anyway HP lists the following Web Site for their latest Imaging & Printing Driver for Open Source Products

That may be helpful though I'm not overly sure any more with this one.

Lets know if any of that was helpful


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