Load Balance an IIS Server for FTP and http sites?

By gegoamerico ·
Hello Everyone,

My team and I are looking to load balance our current IIS server which is hosting 2 ftp sites and the default web site in IIS 6.

My understanding and suggestion is to use NLB from Server 2003 to allocate load to 2 optional servers we have been given and that are now up and running. However, my manager has come up with the idea to have a 3DNS load balance model (that I have never seen in action).

The server we want to load balance for hosts 3 sites that have some general information that several users need to look at. There are no applications running on them. My manager wants us to have a plan in case the main server fails or gets too busy so that requests can be sent to the other 2. Since I am not a web site designer at all :-( ,My questions are:

By cloning the current websites in the main server to the other 2 that we want to implement in the clustered environment, do we need to also implement some sort of File Synchronization across the servers?.
I would say yes, just dont know how exactly NLB works and if it does some synchronization.

If the above needs to be done, any tool or technique you would suggest?

Lastly, I suggest my manager that NLB does suffice and no need of a 3DNS method is needed, but I would like to know if you guys agree.

Thank you!

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