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    Load Balancer and On Demand Reports


    by docbomit ·

    I’m using a web application based off WebLogic 8.1 and Apache. The web application allows users to create on-demand reports with parameters they specify. The application will open up with a new pop up window when the user submits an on demand report request. If the report finishes under 4 minutes, then the PDF report will come back to the user screen. If the report takes longer than 4 minutes, then the pop up window stays blank and looks like it is working based on the progress bar at the bottom of the Internet Explorer status bar.

    I’m hoping other customers have the same type of setup and seen this problem before. The user visits a link (http://www.domain_name.comort#) which is a load balancer (LB) link. When I try to generate the long running on demand report using the LB link I do NOT get the PDF report back. If I bypass the LB link and go directly to the web server, then I get the same PDF report to come back to my screen. This would make you think that the LB is the cause of the problem. I’ve had my network administrator reboot the LB and adjust the LB timeout setting to 30 minutes, but still no success when I try to generate the PDF using the LB link. My network administrator doesn’t know what else can be done. This problem is only for on-demand reports that take longer than 4 minutes to complete.

    Do you have any ideas on what could be stopping me from getting the report with the LB link? Is there another option on the LB that needs configuration? The user is using WinXP, IE6, Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 to show the PDF.

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