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Load Windows 98 from floppy

By millprince ·
Hi guys. a friend of mine once told me if i neded help about it stuff i should come to this forum; well here I am! I just started my first lessons in IT, and my first assignment is to install win98 on a laptop(without cd rom drive) using a floppy. Being totally inexperienced in this department- I'm lost! Guys this is where you come in...

1. Can I download win98 onto a floppy- if yes, where from?
2. Which commamds are used to execute the task?
3. SOmebody said I can use the command: copy :d\win98\*.* to copy the instalation files to the win98 directory that i've created on the hard drive, how true is this? Pls explain better.

To make a long story short... if I have win98 on a floppy/stiffy, what is the first thing that I do???

PLs guys, I know my questions sound very stupid, but, i'm not afraid to ask for help when I need it.


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by jireland607 In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

You will not have Windows 98 on a single floppy. What I suspect you have is the Win98 installation floppy which simply installs cd-rom drivers and things like that ready to install windows from CD.

I have had a look on the www for any suggestions, and the best solutions is

1:Get a CD Drive
2: Get an adaptor so you can put your laptop hard drive in a workstation. Install Win 98 from CD and then put it back in the laptop.

I would speak to however asked you to install the program if they realised you do not have a cd-drive.

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by TheChas In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

Most of the Windows 98 CAB files are too large to fit on a floppy.

Just the Win98 folder on the CD is 121MB.
A zip archive would need 9 to 10 floppies just for this folder.
You would still need the files in the root folder, and some of the driver files.

When faced with a PC with no CD drive, here is what I do.

Remove the hard drive from the target system.

Install the drive as a slave on another system.
(For notebook drives, you can get an adapter so they plug into standard IDE connectors.)

Copy the Windows CD to a folder such as WIN98 on the hard drive.

Then, move the hard drive back to the target system.

Boot from a W98 startup floppy.

Browse to the folder where you copied the W98 CD to.

Run setup.

Usually, when I set up a system, I copy the W98 CD to a logical drive along with the latest device drivers for the system hardware.
I then install Windows from the hard drive.
That way, you NEVER need the Windows CD, or to swap CDs while installing drivers.


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by carol In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

Been a long time since I worked with floppy win98, but I think the disk version is somewhere between 9-13 disks.

1. Check Ebay - they have lots of discontinued software.
2. 1st disk - a:\install
3. If you already have d:\win98\ with all of the windows files in it on a hard drive on the laptop just run install from that directory.
To change to that directory get to the c: prompt using a win98 startup disk if it won't boot on it's own and type cd d:\win98\install.exe

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by cglrcng In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

Hmmmm, somewhere here around the house I have an old Win98 floppy install set, and a floppy set to install the original Quick Books program, but I really doubt they are any good anymore as I live in the desert.

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by pcegeek In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

If the laptop has a network adaptor, hook it up to your network. Then put the Windows 98 CAB files on a shared folder on another network computer (the files are on the Windows 98 CD in the Win98 folder, just copy the whole folder to the shared folder). Then copy the Win98 folder from the shared folder on the network to the laptop. Then run setup from the win98 folder on the laptop.

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by georgian3000 In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

hey u cannot load a os from a floppy disk.all os comes ina cd .may be u have the device drivers for some 98win. get ur self a 98win cd from some of u'r friend and load it
it mush be very easy for you

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by hounslt In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

someone might know if it is possible to transfer win98 onto floppies.
any ideas?

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by gil6002 In reply to Load Windows 98 from flop ...

Everyone in this forum should know the answer. Microsoft stopped making OS floppy disks with the last version being Windows 95. All later versions of Windows after Windows 95 were manufactured on CD.

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