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Loading W2K Pro on a laptop

By robleese ·
I have a Sager 6650 notebook w/ P II 400mHz,4G HDD, CD, FDD, 128MB, sound, and USB. After 4 tries I have concluded that it will NOT load W2K Pro. Half way through the "Installing Hardware" stage it takes so long that the laptop gets hot and stalls. I have left it sitting on an air conditioner for 12 hours keeping it cool and trying to get through the install with no good luck. I have often successfully loaded W2K on PC's with lesser hardware, and I can load W95, W98, W98SE on this laptop easily. Is there something that W2K Pro doesn't like in mobile computers? Would installing over a network make any difference?

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by netpronetworks In reply to Loading W2K Pro on a lapt ...

You need to find out what sound,video,modem and nic card that thing has, and make sure they are all listed on the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) from microsoft, sounds like there is an internal piece that is incompatible. Either contact the computer manufacturer for a propritary install disk for 2000 or replace the imcompatible hardware.Good Luck.

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Is the disk OK?

by MTBerJim In reply to Loading W2K Pro on a lapt ...

When was the last time you used that disk to install? Smudges, fingerprints and most likely scratches will prevent it from complete the installation. Working from home and having a messy fingered 10 year old has taught me to clean my software beforeusing it. Warm water from the tap and gentle finger rub will remove most anything.
Good luck, if you can try a different disk.

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W2K install

by bbryant In reply to Loading W2K Pro on a lapt ...

I've installed W2K Pro on a laptop that was previously connected to the network running Winnt. It installed W2K Pro and connected to the network without any problems. The laptop is a Dell Latitude, 96MB with 400mHZ.

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This is what you have to do.

by public In reply to Loading W2K Pro on a lapt ...

First off, believe it or not, update the bios. I had a very stubborn problem with a compaq laptop and it worked for me (compaq even had a knowledge base article that addressed the problem). Go to sager's web site and see what is says about your model.

hope this helps.

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plz info on w2k on laptops

by shaneaziz In reply to Loading W2K Pro on a lapt ...

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