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Loading Win XP PRO OEM over Win XP Home

By coneakai ·
Loading XP pro over XP home version
I have a Compaq computer with Windows XP Home. I bought Windows XP Pro OEM by mistake and it won't load. Microsoft's advice was to comtact Compaq. Compaq's help was to F-disk the main drive and fresh load the XP Pro. There has got to be another way to install Pro without a complete drive wipe and reload. Isn't it?

Every time I try to load XP I get the message that the system I'm trying to load is older than the current operating system and the install stops.

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I bought Windows XP Pro OEM by mistake ?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Loading Win XP PRO OEM ov ...

How?? - it is really hard to buy this version by mistake. It is generally for PC builders...smells illegal to me - sorry.

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"Not for retail purchase" clearly marked on package.

by stress junkie In reply to I bought Windows XP Pro O ...

I forget the exact wording but the wording on the OEM packaging is something that clearly states that it is not intended to be sold at retail. I used to see a lot of these back in the "PC show" days. I didn't know what was going on for a long time. Then I learned that the pc builder was reselling the media that he should have given to the purchaser of the computer. So he was really stealing from both Microsoft and from the computer purchaser.

If the OEM package was purchased from an on line retailer then I suppose the mistake could be honestly made. All the same the purchaser should report the retailer to Microsoft. I have heard that Microsoft has an active program for finding vendors that resell the OEM media.

As far as what to do, I would purchase a valid version of XP and go from there.

coneakai, you will rarely find information about how to evade licenses on this site. Most of the people that contribute to these discussions do not condone that sort of thing. SOL.

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It is a legal copy

by coneakai In reply to "Not for retail purchase" ...

It is a legal copy. It has the hologram and everything on it. Plus Microsoft verified the number and that it was a legal product. I have the book and the certificate of authenticity that compaq sent when I paid for the product. I just got caught in the shift when my computer original came with windows millennium with a no cost upgrade to windows xp when it came out. Then I went to the web site and wanted the pro version and this is the OEM is what I got and I can't return or swap it.

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You Should Then...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to It is a legal copy

return it - the only way to get this to work is to reformat the system.

If they still do not accept the return then what can you do...being an OEM a fresh install with the 'supplied sticker' stuck to your Box is all you can do.

Such companies do not sell normal versions...

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May Be Worth a Shot

by pierrejamme In reply to Loading Win XP PRO OEM ov ...

OEM software is normally sold with a computer or at least a major component of a computer such as a hard drive.

Here is my shot:
If you have a CDR you may try doing a Slipstreamed CD. Your CD of XP Pro, is probably SP0 or SP1 since it is telling you it is older. Use it to make a slipstreamed CD with the SP2 patch. It is fairly simple (Iv'e even done it) to make using nLite found at: and the best part it is free. So you will need that program, your OEM CD and the SP2 patch in a directory or on a CD and voila you have an up to date OEM XP Pro SP2 OEM CD.

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Did you get a solution to this?

by clusie In reply to Loading Win XP PRO OEM ov ...

I too had this problem.

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Loading XP pro over XP home version

by kd6aaj In reply to Did you get a solution to ...

Google for "setupp.ini" and "xp product codes".

I use RyanVM and Cdimagegui for hotfixing my sp2 disks.

Works perfect!

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