Local Account Lockout Problems

By technogeek ·
I need some help please.

There was an issue that locked out all local accounts on all of the desktop computers across my location (around 2000).

I need to find a way to unlock all local accounts without actually connecting via Computer Management and unlocking each individual one.

Does anyone out there know any scripts or has anyone heard anything that would be able to assist me in this task?

All machines are running XP and I do have domain admin rights.

All help would be greately appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Why would this be an issue?

by cmiller5400 In reply to Local Account Lockout Pro ...

If you are running a domain, all your users should be using domain accounts not local ones. But here is a hint... use the "net users" command.

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Because of support personnel

by technogeek In reply to Why would this be an issu ...

All users are using a domain account. However, there are several instances where one of our tech support people would need to log in locally, or if the machine is unable to connect to the domain (hardware problem, laptop, etc).

Also, there are several programs across the organization that require local accounts (service accounts) to run properly. Most of them are fixed when the users call in, but some of them we don't realize are 'broken' till after some time.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Because of support person ...

The local admin account can't be "locked out" as you say. But for the service accounts, that sucks. I don't know of any ready made program that can do what you want. If the users have at least "Power User" priveldge, they may be able to unlock the accounts if you change the login script to do a "Net User username /Active:YES"

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Just Manage across the domain?

by LarryD4 In reply to Well...

Can't you use the Management Tool to manage a remote PC and reset the accounts?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Just Manage across the do ...

One at a time... I think he was looking for an automated tool to do this for every PC connected in the network.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Yup.

Well I know I can write a script that can lock and unlock domin accounts. So you can probably do it on local accounts as well.

Problem is I didn't write it for local and I'm sure the bindings are different.

Grab A VB Scripts for admins book or search the web, I'm sure its out their.

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Script Center

by francisco.garibaldi In reply to Hmm

That's right, there is a way using scripting, you can search in the Script Center from Microsoft and check out the Hey Scripting Guy Column:

I hope this helps

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