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Local account vs network account

By techin ·

many of our k12 students will make a copy of their doc files somewhere else (emails, USB key..) when they work on the lab computers.

What is the purpose of a network account in that case? A local account with the possibility to save their files on a network share could be enough. No?

1.Local account loads faster
2.Reduce the issues associate with network account (lose your connection, lose your file if you did not save!).
3.Reduce network traffic

Cons :
1. No authentification so no way to know who is using the station
2. If they use software like Picassa, their photo library won't be saved since it is using a folder other than "/Document".
3. They will lose their file if they forget to transfer them to their network share.

What is your opinion on that?


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I see..

by NexS In reply to Local account vs network ...

The purpose of network accounts as a way of managing security.
If there is no need for a network account in any foreseeable future, then don't bother. If you've already decided(which it looks as though you have), then scrap it and go to what you think will suit your case better.

If you need to log usage, then you will need to remain using a network account. It is much easier that way.

In your PC image, you will need to have the local user accounts already setup in order to save you time when deploying new PCs, if you are going to go with local accounts.

remember not to give them admin access to the PCs.. unless of course you particularly enjoy network threats.

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I will do a test first

by techin In reply to I see..

Standard local accounts with strong policies would be implemented.

I guess losing the log usage is bugging me a bit. K12 students...things happen.

I guess I will do a test drive by deploying only 10 portables that we just bought with local account only. This way I will be able to get a better judgement.


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No problems at all (nt)

by NexS In reply to I will do a test first

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