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local and domain login problem

By anwar_b_uk ·
i have W/S connecting to my Domain but previously one of the W/s was a stand alone computer. and people still have local accounts on that W/s is there a way to access both local and Domain accounts without duel booting, or disconnecting from the domain, i was hopeing that maybe you could use the winxp Splash user login screen were the user names are already displayed and the local users can access the loac account on the W/s and domain users access domain Account just by selecting relevant icon Any help please

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by statykserver In reply to local and domain login pr ...

They should still be able to log in whether they are signing into the domain or just the local account. I'm not understanding the W/S part but if they are using windows 2000 or xp pro then at the bottom of the login they can choose whether to sign into local computer or domain. I don't think you can use the splash screen if the computer is accessing the domain or at least I have been unsuccessful at tryin to do it. Good luck and hopes that helps you out some.

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by ReWrite In reply to local and domain login pr ...

Unfortunately you cannot use the fast-switch screen for a pc on a domain. But the users should be able to logon locally from the logon dialog. Is that not working?



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by anwar_b_uk In reply to local and domain login pr ...

the local users can log in to the W/S (workstation) by selecting this computer in the domain list but i wanted there names to appear on the fast switching screen and also the domaian users name on the same screen so they dont have to manually type the name bit lazy i know and select the domain each name has its corresponding domain already selected

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by Blackcurrant In reply to local and domain login pr ...


The easiest way to differentiate between logging on to the doamin and logging on locally is to click the Options button on the login screen and then click the drop-down list which will list the doamin(s) and the local computer. Select the local computer name and you will be able to log on locally i.e. log on to your workstation and not the domain.

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by Balbir In reply to local and domain login pr ...

You cannot have splash screen where people click on their username on Win XP if the pc is joined to a Domain only in a workgroup.

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by kshashank12 In reply to local and domain login pr ...

Dear user,
i was facing an issue with domain login. My PC is in the domain, when i key-in the username & password, it says domain not available, but when i disconnect the LAN cable & re-login i'm able to login into the domain. This is the strange scenario i've come across. can u help me regarding this issue.

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