Local Area Connection Properties

By lsmith_74 ·
Could anyone please respond to this question, if they happen to know the answer to this. I would really appreciate it. "Is it possible for the local area connection properties to go into a disabled state if the workstation is not being used for a certain period of time?" I would say for about a week or so that the PC hasn't been used.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Local Area Connection Pro ...

Time should have no baring on something like that.It sounds like an account restriction or a virus if they previously had access.

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Losing DHCP Lease?

by willcomp In reply to Local Area Connection Pro ...

It may be losing and not renewing its DHCP lease (commonly 24 hours). If that's the case, a reboot or releasing/renewing IP address in ipconfig will restart the connection.

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Similar LAC problem

by acehunter In reply to Local Area Connection Pro ...

I've had a similar problem with the Local Area Connection becoming disabled. It happens on every reboot, and also if I have disconnected the Ethernet cable for more than a few minutes and then reconnected it. (The computer in question is a TabletPC, and is wired while at my desk and wireless when about the office)

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