Local Area Network loses connection daily

By bryanpriority ·
We have a peer to peer network at our office. There are 5 desktops and one network file server (not a real server, just a file server). We also have a switch that everything is connected to. Then we have internet which is connected to the switch so it can be shared.

For some reason, every day, at least once the Local Area Connection drops. It only does it for a microsecond as far as we can tell.

This wreaks havoc. Mostly because we have our Goldmine (a CRM product) database files on the shared network file server.

Once the local area connection drops, even for a milisecond, it dumps everyone out of Goldmine and then corrupts the database tables. I then have to completely rebuild the Goldmine database which takes about 30 minutes.

It is not our internet connection that drops, just our local area connection. I have tried everything I can think of. I have no way to figure out why this is happening.

I have turned off automatic updates on all computers, including the antivirus software, I the file server into a different outlet but first into a UPS with surge protection.

Could anyone suggest a solution or asistance? Thanks Bryan,

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How about the switch and internet modem?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Local Area Network loses ...

Are the switch and internet modem (DSL?) plugged into a UPS as well? Are you certain the UPS is providing pure 120volt battery backup? Remember, if they're not plugged into the battery part of a UPS, a brownout can still get through to the equipment causing them to reset.

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Is it a switch or a router?

by ken In reply to Local Area Network loses ...

A switch simply routes the traffic. You would need to set static IPs on the computers yourself. Since you have the modem plugged in I suspect you have a router. Most of the time I fix buggy routers with a firmware update from the manufacturer. Even fresh out of the box routers often need firmware updates. My next suspect would be viruses. I run Solo (SRN Micro)NOD32 (Eset)AVG and BitDefender when I clean up a computer.

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replace the switch

by kamos In reply to Is it a switch or a route ...

I had the same issue before. 15 users connecting to an old cisco switch to access the internet and a file server, running a healtcare program. After weeks couple weeks of troubleshooting. I replace the old switch with a new HP switch. Since that day I never have a connectivity issue again.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Local Area Network loses ...

2 things... edit your post and remove your email, you're gonna get killed with spam.

what kind of router do you have and do you any any Vista Machines on your network?

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