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    Local connections


    by f3rg13 ·

    Trying to setup LAN. Two laptops, one Desktop all running Windows XP Pro. Ran the connection wizard on all three and setup a workgroup however when I try to see the other two from the other I get an error message telling me that the workgroup is not accessible or that the list of servers is not accessible and that I might not have permission to use the network resource.

    What must be done?

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      by bch.boy ·

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      Make sure you are logged on each computer as the Admin or Admin capabilities. My thoughts: remove all the connections. Designate one computer as the host. Use the router to connect the other two computer using the wizard. Make sure the names of each computer are not duplicated. Continue with the connection on each computer. Hope this helps. Craig

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      by cbcats ·

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      Why could be failing:
      Workgroup has different name.
      PC has the same workstation name.
      Print & sharing could be off.
      XP firewall need be fix/turn off.

      “Workgroup_name is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource.”

      “Workgroup Name is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource”

      etc.. If this fails to help try searching the error on

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      When you ran the [b]Network Setup Wizard[/b] did you enable [b]File & Printer Sharing?[/b] If you didn’t then there is no way that you can browse the Network as you have specified that you don’t want to share anything between the computers involved.

      To do this properly you should be running the Network Setup Wizard on the primary Internet Access Point and telling this computer that it connects directly to the Internet or through a Residential Gateway depending on your type of connection. If you have Cable or DSL this is classed as a Residential Gateway. The proceed on and allow File & Printer Sharing and make sure that the Workgroup name is the same every time that you run the Wizard on each computer.

      Once you have the primary access point connected you can then run the Network Setup Wizard on the other computers and tell them that they connect through another computer on this LAN then enable File & Printer Sharing and then finally make sure that the Workgroup name is correct. That should gt you being able to see the Shared Documents and then if you want to share more you are going to need to share it manually on each computer. To do this right click on the Folder/File/Drive or whatever and select Sharing and then tick Share this Whatever and apply the share.

      If you are connecting through a Wireless router the setup is slightly different and you’ll need to setup the Router first to allow it to share the data between the different computers. Depending on the Router involved this is different in every case but the answer is in the Setup in the [b]Instruction Manual[/b] you shouldn’t need to use the CD that comes with it just open IE, FF and type in the URL for the router and then enter your User Name & Password and that will get you into the Routers internal directory and allow you to set it up. In a case like this every computer involved [b]Connects Directly to the Internet or Through a Residential Gateway[/b]


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