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Local Desktop restrictions

By trainer4063 ·
Have a domain (local in office with up to 70 or so users) with a Win2003 Server as the domain controller and application Server. Would like to alter the default domain login for the users to prevent them from playing games, changing desktop backgrounds, changing power settings, changing screen saver settings, and adding or removing programs on their local machines. Is there an easy way to do that? Or do I have to go into each and every computer and do all the above individually on each? Most of the computers in the office are WinXP, however there are still a couple of Win98 and Win2000Pro computers on the network. Please help?!?!?!?!? My boss wants to me to manage the users ability to "not entertain themselves" via the system. Each computer's administrator user has a password unshared with the users so they are unable to go in and change the computer settings, however the above items are still under the control of the local machine user.

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by CG IT In reply to Local Desktop restriction ...

If your running a W2003 server Active Directory environment, use group policy.

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by adembo In reply to Local Desktop restriction ...

Yes, a GPO is your best solution. Since you used the term "Domain Controller" then you must be using AD. Are you familiar with GPO's? Setting a GPO to prohibit programs from running, icons that users see, and the like are easily accomplished with a Group Policy Object (GPO).

As far as prohibiting users from installing applications, the easiest way is to not give them local administrator access on their machines. There is no reason to give an ordinary user admin access. Often its the easiest to solve a problem, but not necessary if you plan accordingly.

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by hozcanhan In reply to Local Desktop restriction ...

trainer , our friends have already given you the hint : Group Policy . But more can be done , and from your frustration " my boss doesn't want the users to entertain themselves" I see you need and look for more control . Get a software like PcAnywhere or Remote Admin or AnyPlace Control , or a freeware stuff . Install the server version on XPs and 98s and the viewer/controller version on your machine ( your own XP even ) . Remotely manage their menus, check if there running processes for amusement and check their screens . You may call it a violation against their privacy but it is not . Declare it that they are under surveillance to disable any legal complaints . After a while they will abondon amusement altogether . Afterall it is the boss's PCs they are using and they are getting paid for work not for exploiting the boss. So my answer is GPO + Remote Admin. Good luck

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by trainer4063 In reply to Local Desktop restriction ...

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