Local desktop support vs Remote desktop support?

By zpaul_010 ·
what do you think are the advantages of local vs remote desktop support?
Lets consider this scenario, 3 locations with 700, 120 and 70 end users respectively. Each has 1 desktop support. which do you think will provide a better service and why?
1. Add additional local desktop support to the 700 user location
2. IT on both 120 and 70 user location will help remote support the 700 user location.

Lets consider that helpdesk reduce 30-50% of the request already.
Im pretty sure #1 would be the answer, but why? Other might say, remote cant resolve BSOD, but how frequent is BSOD? also, HW issues, again how frequent is that?

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Cost of Downtime

by TheChas In reply to Local desktop support vs ...

The biggest factor that you should be evaluating is the net time to resolution of your user issues versus the cost of downtime to the organization.

You also need to make a realistic projection of the percentage of support calls that will require a physical visit to the users desk.

From there, it should be straight math as to which support system is most cost effective for the organization.


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