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Local Domain - External Domain site

By parameshst ·
Hi All,

We recently registered our domain as, here with local
webhosting service provider. This domain is the same as what we have in our
corporate network (windows 2000 domain network with same domain name Our servers are acting as Forwarders for ISDN internet connectivity all
systems in the network.

Now after uploading the webpages to the site, we are not able to browse
the site.

It is probably searching our local domain site and not finding

How can we overcome this. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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by voldar In reply to Local Domain - External D ...

You don't say were the upload took place - to the internet provider or to your place.
Anyway, try adding in your DNS records, to the forward_lookup zone a new HOST record (example with the IP address of your webserver host.

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by voldar In reply to

ouch!! were = where, sorry :)

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by parameshst In reply to

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Thanks. I created the host record and its fine now.


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by shmaltz In reply to Local Domain - External D ...

If I understand your problem correctly then the problem is that has 2 NS records, one on you LAN, and the other on the Internet. Since the LAN clients always ask the LAN's DNS server for abc it can't find it, because the LAN's DNS servers think that they are the authoritative servers to answer and they don't have the records for the host, or it points to some other place.
The solution would be to create records in your LAN's DNS that point to the corrct IP I.E., if the real IP of is x.x.x.x then create a HOST record that has the name www and points to IP address x.x.x.x on your LAN's DNS, if the host www already exists on your LAN but it is not the real website then you will have to rename the Local www to something else.

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by parameshst In reply to Local Domain - External D ...

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