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Local Email

By is_ify ·
i would like to install local mail server, can any one help me out,, i m working in a farm,
right now i m using Mdeamon ,, but cant understand it ,,, i want to know any kind of easy way to configure Easy Local mail server,,
Please help me out in,,

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Well it depends on what you have to work with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Local Email

As this product can be installed on a multitude of Windows Platforms it's very hard to say what you can use.

For example if you look at Exchange 2007 you need a 64 BIT OS to install on.

The system requirements for Mdeamon are fairly low end at

System Requirements
? Computer with Pentium III 500 MHz
(or higher) processor (Pentium 4 2.4
GHz or higher recommended)
? 512 MB of memory (1 GB recommended)
? Typical Hard disk space required: 100MB,
additional space for any mail to be stored
? Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003
operating system
? Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
? Ethernet Network Card
? TCP/IP network protocol installed
? Internet or Intranet communication

So if you would like to post back with what you would like to install this on and how you would plan to use it as well as what it is needed for I'm sure that someone here will be able to suggest something.

But as Mdeamon is easy to use in comparison to something like Exchange you may find that you are no better off by changing the E-Mail Server as some others require far more work to Administer and keep running.

If you look here you'll find the On Line Tutorials for MDeamon

and the E-Learning page is here

You would most likely be better off learning what is already in place rather than attempting to add something new and then learn that. People in IT Support are supposed to be able to use all the different Software available proficiently so by learning this now it will stand you in Good Stead Latter.


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by is_ify In reply to Well it depends on what y ...

Dear Sir thanks for Helping me out in,,
i can tell u wat i want exact.
i want to give all of my Lan user email address like or for local email system.

on my network around 35 user are connected with each other i m using ERP Software on Network, just i want to communicate each other by local mail system..
that?s it hope u r getting my point ,,

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OK then setup the E-Mail Accounts and then install the Mail Exchange

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks

After the Mail Server Exchange is installed enter the different E-Mail Mail Boxes and set them to dispatch their Contents to the Recipients when they Log In.

This should be a simple procedure you just don't need to set an External Mail Pickup Point or ISP to deal with. You should be able to leave these Blank or if you have to enter something you could use a Generic address like where the Domain Name is the same as your Internal Domain Name.


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by is_ify In reply to OK then setup the E-Mail ...

thank u so much if i will face any prblm i wuld let u know sir

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But do you need E Mail to do what you want to here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks

It just seems a bit of overkill to use a Application like this to send what are effectively Messages between workstations.

If there is a Requirement to Store or Archive these messages that will be enough but if there isn't wouldn't a simple Chat Service be a better option here?


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by is_ify In reply to But do you need E Mail to ...

ok then tell me any good software for Local Lan chat freeware but :) ,....

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Do you NEED local email

by Dumphrey In reply to Thanks

or would a Jabber chat service work as well? You can lock it down to LAN use only..

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