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Local Folder Access

By akapearlky81 ·
Since this past Thursday (MS Download day), we have been having trouble with some local users not being able to access certain folders on their local machine. If we go into those folders and give everyone access, they can access. Not want to keep it that way. The other thing we've noticed is that those users that are having problems have a server built-in group, server operator group on their local machines. Has anyone else ever seen or experienced this?

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And this is on XP workstations? Interesting

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Local Folder Access

XP Workstations should not have any internal server groups or the like unless someone manually went into the local users/groups and stupidly created them. Also, did someone attempt to install a server application meant to run on Windows servers on these XP workstations? I really can't see how these groups would be created unless someone did it manually or an application caused it. Look in the event viewer log for further evidence of this.

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by akapearlky81 In reply to And this is on XP worksta ...

I can't find any indication that these were manually created. The other intersting thing is that once "Everyone" is added to the security list, the next reboot, they're gone and the server group is back. It's inherited all of the way down. So we've removed the inheritance and manually applied security to each of the folders, reboot and it's back. We have several different virus scans to see if we have an infection and have none. It is getting to be very annoying.

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