Local Gov Network set-up

By onetimur ·
At the moment my office has ADSL, Sonic Firewall/Router, multiple switches and patch panels, 20 XP client stations, 1 2003 SBS, and 2 Vista Client stations on 3 seperate floors. The wiring is hideous, and I do not have the luxury of modifying my predecessors wiring set-up. 1st floor has all the incoming devices, modem, sonicwall, and then a switch to a patch panel. 1st floor clients all come back to switch, 1 switch output goes to 2nd floor switch and then out to clients and server on 2nd floor.

My server is a simple file server, literally just another system in the workgroup where everything gets stored.

Now, my quandry - I need a better set-up for the network, something more efficient. Should I set te server up to control all routing functions, or let the sonicwall handle it? And what steps would someone recommend to better my set-up?

Sorry, if the details are vague, networking is still a new addition to my train of thought.

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If this involves Local Government what Directions about Network Guidelines

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Local Gov Network set-up

Are you stuck with?

From my experience with this type of work you are told exactly what you can and can not use and if you step outside the Guidelines you get fired for breaching Security.


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Its at my discression

by onetimur In reply to If this involves Local Go ...

There really was no security in place until I came along, for that matter no structure. Also, I failed to include that a T-1 will be activated within the next couple weeks, and my ADSL will be no more.

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by CG IT In reply to Local Gov Network set-up

if you have 1 2003 SBS server I'll assume that's Windows SMall Business Server 2003, then you don't have a simple file server. SBS is an Active Directory Services network.

20 XP 2 Vista clients isn't very many.

Besides clients should terminate to a patch panel, then be patched to a switch. With multiple switches should use the uplink ports.

You could see if you don't exceed the 300 ft CAT 5 limitation to the second floor and stick everything[all switches, routers, server] in a rack.

SBS comes in 2 flavors standard and premium. If you have the Premium Edition, which has ISA Server 2004, using the Sonicwall is overkill unless you need to seperate out some clients or a web server to another subnet [even then ISA 2004 can handle multiple subnets.

IMO, Layered security approach is still the best bet for seecuring the network.

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Thanx All

by onetimur In reply to SBS?

Learned a lot from this, no doubt I can get sharp answers and guidance from here.

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Follow the steps provided by CG IT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Local Gov Network set-up

And post back if you need any help.


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